Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant Blasts Arshi Khan After Being Called “Double Dholki”
Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant & Arshi Khan Indulge In Explosive Fight

Rakhi Sawant has been entertaining fans ever since she entered Bigg Boss 14. The house that has seen several new entries for challengers is witnessing new drama and controversies each and every day. Talking about Rakhi, her funny antics and fights are adding all the necessary spice the show lacked.


She has had a good equation with almost everyone. However, after she was told by Aly Goni, Arshi Khan, and Eijaz Khan, she got really upset that people call her “double dholki”. This resulted in another major fight for which you will have to continue reading further.


In the morning, Aly Goni tells that there are rumours in the Bigg Boss 14 house that Rakhi Sawant is a “Double dholki,” replying to which Rakhi says “Wow that’s really nice”. Aly asks her to ask Eijaz, and the latter and Arshi get into the conversation saying that the majority thinks so.

Rakhi Sawant then says “mera dimaag apna hai”, and that she will do what she wants and is never influenced by anyone. Rakhi then goes into the garden area and lets everyone know that everyone has named her “double dholki”. On being asked by Nikki Tamboli about who has said it, Rakhi named Arshi and Aly. Rakhi seemed upset and said that she was told the majority of the Bigg Boss 14 house thinks so. Rubina then says that the house also thinks she is rude arrogant, dominating, and so they shouldn’t listen to anything they say.

Rakhi then lashes out and says that before pointing fingers at someone, they should look at themselves. She also says she is saying it to everyone, but Arshi points out she just said it specifically to her and Aly by taking names. Thus begins a fight and Rakhi tells Arshi “tu toh jhoothi hai ek number ki, aag lagaane wali maachis hai tu maachis.” She then repeats the word “maachis” for Arshi, trying to irritate her.

Rakhi Sawant then confronts them, saying that yes, Aly and Eijaz said that they heard rumours about this, but Arshi said, “haa, ye to dholki hai.” Arshi says Rakhi is lying. Rakhi then clarifies that she forgave Nikki Tamboli and if that makes her a dholki, then that’s what she is.

Arshi and Rakhi’s fight continues, and the latter says that Arshi had herself said earlier that she is just here to play her game and isn’t making any bonds. Rakhi then says that she is being neutral and doesn’t believe in groupism, further asking how is that a crime?

Well, what do you think of this never-ending fight between Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan?

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