Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE! YouThooober CarryMinati To Enter The House?
Bigg Boss 14 EXCLUSIVE! YouThooober CarryMinati To Enter The House?(Pic credit – CarryMinati / Instagram )

Guess what’s trending more than Bigg Boss 14 right now? Well, it’s Ajey Nagar, who is popularly known as CarryMinati and is one of the most talented and successful YouTubers in India. The 21-year-old talent-bomb is known for his epic YouTube roast videos and has a massive fan following on social media platforms.

Lately, Carry is making headlines, not for his content but his love life. Although, he’s an introvert and doesn’t share much about her personal life Avneet Kaur’s new Instagram post made all his fans ask, ‘What’s cooking, good looking?’



Now, we have exclusively learnt that Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati is all set to enter Bigg Boss 14. The 21-year-old last live-streamed on September 10, 2020, in which he didn’t show his face. The reports state that he’s currently hotel-quarantined and will be making a grand entry on October 3, 2020. Now, if you connect the dots, there’s certainly a chance that this could happen.

Along with him, 3 more YouTubers have been hotel-quarantined are all set to enter BB 14 on the premiere date i.e. October 3, 2020.

Well, this isn’t the first time when CarryMinati’s Bigg Boss rumours are doing the rounds. Back in 2017, this was one hot topic at that moment.

Now, imagine if along with YouTubers and TV stars, TikTokers also make a debut this year in the show. It’ll be one hell of a season, isn’t it?

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