Ben Stiller Reveals The Timeline Of Severance Season 2
Ben Stiller Reveals The Timeline Of Severance Season 2 ( Photo Credit – Flickr )

Created and written by Dan Erickson, Apple TV+’s Severance gained instant success among critics after the show received 14 nominations at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards in 2022 and won two awards for title design and musical score. While Apple announced and confirmed the renewal of the second season days before the season 1 finale aired, Ben Stiller has spilled some tea about the upcoming season.

As much as Severance fans are eager for its arrival, Stiller is also waiting as he finally answers everyone’s question: Where is Severance Season 2?

During an episode of Hey Dude…The 90s Called! Podcast by Christine Taylor and David Lascher, Stiller was asked the question and he responded, “We shut down for the length of the strike and then had to regroup and get back up to speed and do some writing work. That took a few months, and then we went back in and started shooting in January and shot from January to April. So it feels like we’ve done three seasons, because the first part of the second season was literally a year and a half ago.”

Stiller, who serves as the director and executive producer of Severance admitted that the wait is too long for him too. He revealed that they filmed ten episodes of season 2 in October 2022 before halting. The Zoolander star added, “I think we did like, 186 days of shooting on this season.”

The actor noted the irony of this season’s extended taping duration, given that the first season was interrupted by the pandemic. Reflecting on the experience, he realized that this show has been his “full-time job” for the past “five years.” He added, “We’re lucky, so lucky honestly though, lucky to do what we love doing. Every episode has to be good if you want the finale to pay off, you want the audience to be engaged.”

He further explained another reason why season 2 is taking so long is due to the writing process. He shared that the writers on Severance are “not like a very traditional show. We don’t have a writer’s room per se. Everything is per industry guild rules and everything, but it’s just it’s a different type of setup and we go back a lot and reshoot sometimes when we see something that might, like, [if] we go, ‘Well, that doesn’t quite make sense, so maybe if we did the scene differently…’ So luckily we’re able to do that.”

Continuing to explain, the comedian added that he has “learned” a lot during the time taken to produce the thriller show. He said, “I never really produced a series except with Judd Apatow back in the day, we did my sketch show that Judd was really producing more than I was. Now we’ll have done nineteen episodes.”

Severance is a sci-fi series and season 1 can be streamed on Apple TV+.

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