Andrea Barber Recalls Padding Her Bra As A Teenager For A Scene In Full House
Andrea Barber Recalls Padding Her Bra As A Teenager For A Scene In Full House. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Andrea Barber has recalled an uneasy moment she had while shooting for Full House. The actress, who was a teenager when she starred in the ABC sitcom, has revealed how she felt mortified when she had to pad her bra for a sequence in the show.

Barber played the role of Kimmy Gibbler in all eight seasons of the show, and its Netflix sequel, Fuller House. In one of the episodes, Barber’s character joined junior high school and decided to get a makeover with makeup and a padded bra to fit in with her older schoolmates.

Andrea Barber’s Mortifying Experience of Padding Her Bra as a Teen Actor in Full House

On a recent episode of her podcast How Rude, Tanneritos!, Barber talked about Full House Season 3 episode, Back to School Blues. Discussing the experience of filming with her co-host, Jodie Sweetin, the actress revealed how she was asked to pad her bra by the makers.

As per the premise of the episode, Kimmy Gibbler and D.J. Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) get an ‘80s makeover, weaning mini-dresses, and loud makeup, under peer pressure at the junior high school. As Gibbler stuffs her bra with pads in the show, Barber had to do that in real life to film the sequence.

In the podcast, Sweetin asked, “I was dying when I watched that. Hilarious. Ridiculous. What are your thoughts on it today?” To this, Barber responded that she was mortified. “This is a core memory. I was pretty flat at that age, which is not a big deal. That’s very normal. But then when they wanted to — like okay, they wanted me to wear falsies, but then, of course, the joke’s gotta work,” said the actress.

“So, I had, like, producers coming up to me in between takes and giving notes to wardrobe saying, ‘We need it stuffed more. We need it bigger.’ And that was mortifying to have men looking at my boobs,” added the actress.

Barber Says She Doesn’t Think Pads Were Needed in the Scene

Further talking about the experience, Barber said, “I don’t think we needed it [the padding]. I think they got the point across with the fishnets and the tight skirts and the crazy, you know, the wild teased hair. I think that was enough. We didn’t need the falsies as well.”

The actress also disclosed that looking back at the scene, she has a problem with it. “I keep thinking, ‘What if it was my daughter, my 13-year-old, out there and where men are talking about the size of her bust?’ I would have a problem with that if I was the mom,” she stated.

However, Barber also added that though the scene was uncomfortable, she luckily has not been traumatized by it and is fine about it. “I’m fine now. I wasn’t scarred by it,” she said before concluding, “Didn’t love it. And that memory has stuck with me.”

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