Aditya Narayan takes a digital break, deletes all posts from his Instagram
Aditya Narayan takes a digital break, deletes all posts from his Instagram ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Television host and singer Aditya Narayan deleted all his pictures from his Instagram handle and said he is on a “digital break.”

On Tuesday, Aditya took to Instagram, where he penned a long note sharing that he wants to spend some more time in the real world.



Taking to his Instagram handle, Aditya wrote: “Before anyone jumps the gun, let me inform all my well wishers that I’m absolutely fine. I am on a digital break, happily spending time with my daughter, wife, parents & loved ones along with putting finishing touches to my debut album ‘Saansein’.”

He added: “Why have I deleted all posts from Instagram? Because it’s like my digital canvas, and I wish to erase my previous imprints and begin afresh, as if starting a new painting. I am also a firm believer that one must, every once in a while, disconnect from our current social confines, spend time with yourself and look within, for, that is where I have gained life’s deepest insights.”

“Good health is only so if it’s multi dimensional. Physical, mental & spiritual. I aspire to lead a wholesome life, and I feel like it’s time for me, in a way, to go back to school.”

The ‘Tattad Tattad’ hitmaker shared that he wishes to acquire new skills and hone his old ones along with indulging in a few trivial activities.

“In short, spend more time in the real world, and not this digital bubble that a lot of us have made their reality. It’s as simple as that.”

He shared an Arnold Schwarzenegger meme which had ‘I’ll Be Back’ written on it.

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