Aditi Dev Sharma finds a connection between her on-screen and off-screen personality
Aditi Says She Could Connect To The Role in Gangaa Because She Is A Mother.( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Aditi Dev Sharma, the ‘Gangaa’ actress is currently seen playing the role of a mother Katha juggling between multiple jobs for the treatment of her son, Aarav suffering from blood cancer in ‘Katha Ankahee’. The actress is herself a mother to a 3-year-old child and thus she says that she relates to her character in the show.

Aditi Dev Sharma shares: “When I was narrated the story, I felt Katha’s pain deep down in my heart. Being a mother myself, I could relate with Katha’s frantic need for money to save her child. For a mother, her child is the most precious and they can do anything for them. Such is the case with Katha who can go above and beyond to ensure her child’s well-being. I try to bring alive the similar bond with my reel son Aarav to show a mother’s endless love and care. I also understand what it takes to raise a child.”

‘Kathaa Ankahee’ is a Hindi remake of the Turkish drama ‘Binbir Gece’ (1001 Nights in English). It features Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan.

The ‘Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka’ actress Aditi Dev Sharma adds further that it is never easy to be a single mother and taking complete care and responsibility of a child without any help.

“It is not easy being a single mother who works and takes care of her child, especially when they need extra care. I salute all these mothers who are superwomen just like Katha, who is tender and soft for her child yet strong while facing life with a smile. She is broken but will not give up and will fight it out till the very end for her son,” says Aditi Dev Sharma.

In the current episodes, it was seen that Aditi tells the doctor that she is managing to collect money for her son’s treatment but he informs her that she needs to deposit Rs 1 crore 48 lakh in a week as it will be too late after the given period to save her son.

“The upcoming track will see a mother’s plight to keep her son alive as Katha knocks every door possible to arrange for funds; but to what extent she will go will make for an interesting watch. It is a challenging part, but I am glad to be playing it and I know that Katha’s character as a mother will instantly find a connection with all,” Aditi concludes.

‘Kathaa Ankahee’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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