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Adipurush Teaser Reviewed By Mukesh Khanna & ‘Sita’ Dipika Chikhlia ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Adipurush Poster )

Ever since the makers of Adipurush dropped the first teaser of the film online, it’s been in the news for all the infamous reasons. Starring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles, the first rushes of the film have not gone down well with anyone so much so that netizens have already begun trending #BoycottAdipurush on social media. The makers and it’s cast is being trolled and slammed left right and centre.

Netizens are of the view that the makers have mocked Hindu iconic mythological shows Ramayan and Mahabharat by showing the wrong representation of Hanuman Ji, Raavan and others.

Now joining the bandwagon is Mukesh Khanna, who’s known for his role of Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharat and Dipika Chikhlia, who played Sita in Ramayan. The actor duo has expressed their disappointment with the Adipurush teaser. While the Shaktimaan actor slammed them for the misrepresentation of the character, Dipika said that Raavan looks more of a Mughal than a Sri Lankan.

Mukesh Khanna began by recalling, Saif Ali Khan’s one of statements when he had said, “I am playing Raavan” in Adipurush. The Shaktimaan actor targeted Saif and said that he said had once said with utmost attitude, as if he was going to climb, Everest, that he was going to play the role ‘Raavan’ and will make it humours. He further pointed out that be it Lord Ram or Hanuman Ji none of them ever sported a moustache. Mukesh Khanna added that people have some kind of image of their Gods in their minds, which should not be tampered.

Bhishma Pitamah aka Mukesh Khanna added that only by spending 100 crores or 1000 crore or by giving special effects, you can’t make Ramayan or Mahabharat because he feels such films are made on its characterization, performance, looks, dialogues and many other things. Mukesh Khanna further said that his reaction on the teaser is that it is not a good sign and people are going to react to the same. Watch the video below:

Ramayan’s Dipika Chikhlia who played ‘Sita’ also reacted to the teaser and told Aaj Tak, “, “A film’s characters must appeal to the audience. If the character is from Sri Lanka, they should not look like Mughals. I could not understand much as we get to see him for mere 30 seconds in the teaser, but he does look different. I agree that times have changed and VFX is an essential part but only as long as the people’s sentiments are not hurt. (But then) It is only a teaser, may be it does not do justice to the film.”

“If I try to connect myself with Arvind Trivedi (Ravan in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan), I would not feel good. But I also believe each actor has the liberty to portray a character as their interpretation,” she added.

Meanwhile, Adipurush’s director has also reacted to the criticism around the film’s teaser. The filmmaker said he was disheartened to see the reactions.

Coming back, what are your thoughts on Dipika Chikhlia and Mukesh Khanna’s reactions to the Adipurush teaser? Do let us know. Stay tuned to Koimoi!

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