Abhinav Kohli Bangs Shweta Tiwari's Door In Anger After Actress Doesn't Let Him Meet Son Reyansh, WATCH
Abhinav Kohli Bangs Shweta Tiwari’s Door In Anger After Actress Doesn’t Let Him Meet Son Reyansh, WATCH (Pic credit: Instagram/abhinav.kohli024)

Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli’s feud has now taken over all the mainstream headlines. While we all saw how Shweta accused Kohli of domestic violence and obscene behaviour last year, it is Abhinav who is speaking his side of the story now. As per a new video shared, Kohli is standing at Tiwari’s doorsteps and saying that the actor is not letting him meet their son Reyansh. Scroll down to know more and also catch the video.

For the unversed, alongside domestic violence, Shweta has also accused that Abhinav used to show adult magazines to her daughter Palak Tiwari. We also saw Kohli saying that Shweta has taken their son in some undisclosed locations. He accused her of keeping Reyansh away from him and not letting them meet.



Adding to it is the latest video. Abhinav Kohli who has become vocal about his side of the feud with Shweta Tiwari, shared it on Instagram. As per him, he was standing on her doorsteps where she is not ready to open the door. In the video, he says that he has been ringing the bell and banging door for quite some time. He also says that he just met Reyansh once but now Tiwari isn’t letting him meet his father.

He also added how Shweta Tiwari, Palak Tiwari and their three house helps are inside the closed door but no one is letting him in. In the caption for this video he wrote, “ Torture”.

Abhinav Kohli also shared a message that he sent Shweta after the incidents of the video. The message had him asking about Reyansh whereabouts and requesting her not to torture him.

“I came nobody responded, where is the baby. I called you why didn’t you pick up. Have you closed the baby in the room. Have you put him in jail. You just now made me meet him and now again vanished. Is he with you or have you locked him inside. Why are you torturing the poor guy. You will ruin him like this,” Abhinav Kohli’s message to Shweta Tiwari read.

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