Here Are Pushpa's IMDb Ratings
Pushpa Is Rocking On IMDb(Pic Credit: Youtube/Aditya Music)

It’s very rare to see a commercial film fetching good money and becoming one of the critically acclaimed movies of the year. Allu Arjun’s Pushpa has managed to hit the jackpot by scoring high in both zones, becoming one of the memorable projects for the star.

The film is Allu‘s first-ever pan-Indian project. Even though he didn’t see any proper Hindi release before, the actor was a known face in the Hindi speaking belt due to the popularity of his Hindi dubbed films. His latest release just gave him the stage to rock, establishing him as the much bigger star.



At the box office, Pushpa (all language) is inching towards the 250 crore mark. On the other hand, on IMDb, it has become one of the highest-rated films of the year. As we write, the film is rated at 8.1 out of 10. It has been rated by over 20k people by now.

Meanwhile, Pushpa makers recently released a deleted scene from the movie, which has become quite popular on social media. The deleted scene released by the team has Allu Arjun’s mass scene, which would have appealed well to the native Telugu audience.

In the particular scene, Allu Arjun’s mother is seen getting scolded by her money-lender for not being able to clear off the debt. Allu Arjun, who gets deeply offended by this act, returns the borrowed money, as he demands the person to inform everyone in the village about his loan clearance. He does this to avenge the humiliation caused by their money-lender. He is seen thrashing the person, taking him around the village.

This particular scene was chopped off in editing, so as to accommodate for limited run-time in the original print of Pushpa. The release of this deleted scene has gained much attention as it appeals to native audiences.

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