"My Hero Thalapathy Vijay Is A Bigger Star Than Ajith Kumar," Said Varisu Producer Dil Raju, Once Sparking A Massive Uproar On Social Media!
“My Hero Thalapathy Vijay Is A Bigger Star Than Ajith Kumar,” Said Varisu Producer Dil Raju, Once Sparking A Massive Uproar On Social Media! (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Ajith Kumar and Thalapathy Vijay are two of the biggest stars in the Tamil film industry, each with an immense fan following. However, the rivalry between their fan clubs is well-known and has been a long-standing aspect of the Tamil cinema landscape.

The rivalry often manifests in social media wars, where fans from both camps compete to trend hashtags, share posters, and engage in discussions promoting their favorite actor. These competitions can sometimes escalate to unhealthy levels, with fans resorting to personal attacks and heated arguments.

Renowned Telugu producer Dil Raju recently stirred up controversy when he stated that Thalapathy Vijay holds greater star power than Ajith Kumar in Tamil Nadu. This remark ignited a heated Twitter war between the passionate fan bases of Ajith and Vijay, with many expressing their disapproval of Dil Raju’s statement.

In a subsequent interview with a Telugu entertainment portal, Dil Raju addressed the backlash and reaffirmed his stance. The interview, conducted almost a week before the audio launch of Varisu, became widely circulated as Dil Raju reiterated his belief that Vijay enjoys a higher star status in Tamil Nadu compared to Ajith Kumar.

Speaking to Great Andhra.com, Varisu producer said, “Vijay and Ajith’s films were given an equal number of screens in Tamil Nadu. But my hero (Vijay) is a bigger star. Hence, I said I was going to ask for more screens for Varisu. How will you decide who is the bigger star? An actor’s star power is decided by his theatrical revenue. Vijay’s last 5-6 films did more than Rs 60 crore share in Tamil Nadu alone. Whether the film is a hit or a flop is a different debate. But they have been consistent. Thus, he is bigger than anyone right now.”

Despite facing significant trolling and criticism on social media, Dil Raju remained steadfast in his position, defending his initial comment in a follow-up interview. The controversy surrounding his statement has sparked intense discussions among fans of both actors, adding another chapter to the enduring rivalry between Ajith and Vijay’s fan clubs.

Varisu is a heartwarming family entertainer enriched with emotional elements. Helmed by director Vamshi Paidipally, the film boasts a stellar cast, including Thalapathy Vijay, Rashmika Mandanna, and Prakash Raj in pivotal roles. R Sarathkumar, Prabhu, Shaam, Jayasudha, Khushbu, Sangeetha, and Samyuktha Karthik contribute to the movie’s ensemble cast, adding depth to the supporting roles.

The clash between Ajith Kumar and Thalapathy Vijay fan clubs is not just limited to online spaces; it extends to the release of their films. The release of movies featuring either actor often becomes a battleground for fan clubs, as they strive to make their star’s film a blockbuster and outperform the other.

In the world of Tamil cinema, the Ajith vs. Vijay fan club rivalry has become a unique and sometimes divisive aspect of fandom culture. While it adds excitement and fervor to the industry, it is crucial for fans to maintain a healthy and respectful approach, recognizing that both actors have contributed significantly to Tamil cinema.

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