Maala Parvathy On The Seema Vineeth Sexual Harassment Controversy: "There Was A Picture Where Seema Had Given..."
Maala Parvathi On The Seema Vineeth Se*ual Harassment Controversy: “If My Son Has Done The Crime & If He Is Proven Guilty, Let Him Face The Consequences”


Prominent makeup artist Down South and trans woman Seema Vineeth has accused veteran actress Maala Parvathi’s son of se*ual harassment. Opening up about the issue, Seema said that Parvathi’s son Ananthakrishnan has been sending her explicit messages and even n*des for several years now.

Yes, you read that! While Maala Parvathi has come out publically and apologized to Seema Vineeth, she has also stated that she will not be defending her son against the allegations that are leveled against him. Going live on her Facebook page, Seema revealed, “I have been receiving abusive messages from 2017 from the person, which I noticed recently. After seeing my post, the actress called me and apologized for the same. And added that she will try to correct her son. She also said that she is with me if I am legally moving forward. Will the actress try to compromise if the same happened with her? And I have never mentioned the actress’ name.”


While in the first video Seema Vineeth did not name the actress, she soon decided to name the actress and divulge more details. Now, after Seema’s Facebook live, Maala Parvathi also took to her social media handle to reveal that she had called former and even apologized to her personally and she even urged Seema to take the legal route. But what’s more shocking is that Maala said one of Seema’s friend told her (Maala) that the matter would be compromised only if they gave her money.

Now in an exclusive conversation with ETimes, both Seema Vineetha and Maala Parvathi have come out with their side of the story.

Seema Vineetha said, “A day before yesterday, I was scrolling through some of the unread messages, which I received on Facebook. As I am a makeup artist, I receive enquiries from clients and hence I go through such unread messages once in a while. And then, it came to my notice that Anantha Krishnan had sent me se*ually explicit messages and nude pictures, which outrage the modesty of a woman and also question my gender. I soon blocked the person and took screenshots of the same. The messages dated years back and he had been sending the same over the last couple of years. I guess he is not my friend on Facebook but might be following my profile. Initially, I didn’t want to mention the name of Anantha Krishnan or his mother actress Maala Parvathi on the note I posted on Facebook. But then I thought that he is the son of a popular Malayalam actress, who has always fought for women and voiced her opinion against the abuse of women. After a couple of hours, Maala Parvathi called me over the phone. She apologized for her son’s act and said that her son had confessed, he was guilty of the same and it was a mistake. I have voice records of the same. But yesterday, she put up a post saying that I have asked for compensation. That’s odd. That is close to pricing my individuality and modesty. I have never asked for monetary benefits or compensation. Let them bring a proof to the same if I have asked them directly or indirectly. I feel the whole incident is being politicized here. This is something that questions my personality. And hence I decided to reveal the name. There were a few similar incidents earlier, and I have been vocal about the same. But this is being politicized, maybe because the person is a popular actor’s son? I didn’t mention the names until Maala Parvathi called me and put up that post. I want justice. Why should a mother call me for the heinous act her son did. Why didn’t the person himself apologize? I have spoken with my advocate.”

Similarly speaking to ETimes, Maala Parvathi said that if there is substance to these claims, she will not defend her son. “My son has admitted that he has had a conversation with the makeup artist. But he said it was ‘mutual’ and ‘consensual’. The truth has to come out and hence I have registered a complaint and submitted my son’s mobile phone. Also, it came to our attention that she has taken off a picture that she had attached to her post earlier, in which she had named me and my son. There was a picture, where Seema had given a thumbs-up emoji to the message of my son. But I am not planning to harass her in any manner, and hence haven’t posted it online. I am with her and I won’t support my son. My son said that they know each other and their conversations were purely consensual.”

“You can check the time when I have reacted and put a post about the whole issue on Facebook. I have put a Facebook post only after I saw Seema’s post, wherein she had shared the screenshots of my son’s messages and our identities. Seema had taken names even before I reacted and made a mention of compensation. Also, I didn’t claim that Seema had asked for compensation. I said that I have heard such discussions. I have spoken with another makeup artist. I have mentioned the compensation part because I heard about the same in an audio clip, which she has sent. The audio says they have discussed the whole issue on their social media group, and there have been discussions about compensation. There are contradictions in the whole issue. I am not trying to hide the issue, at any cost. I won’t defend my son, I have filed a complaint to investigate the truth. What else could I do? Even now they are trying to negotiate about how to resolve the whole issue. I am not into it. I can never fall for bargaining or blackmailing. We are moving legally. If my son has done the crime, and if he is proven guilty, let him face the consequences. I am with her in all sense. Whatever it is, if she was hurt, I understand the trauma. Even if my son has said that the whole conversation was consensual, I am not supporting it. Let’s move legally.” added Maala Parvathi.

Well this certainly does not look like something that will end soon. But we do hope that the truth prevails.

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