KGF: Did You Know The Yash Starrer Is Actually Based On Real Life Incidents From Kolar Gold Mines That Will True Leave You Baffled?
KGF: The Yash Starrer Is Based On Kolar Gold Field’s True Story! ( Photo Credit – Poster from KGF: Chapter 2 )

Pan India film KGF: Chapter 1 starring Yash was an absolute sensation not only across India but in every nook and corner of the world. Now, the makers are gearing up for the release of chapter 2.

The 2018 released film had quite a staggering impact on the fans, as they couldn’t stop talking about it, and we are sure that the next chapter of it would have the same effect! However, have you ever thought if the film’s plot was based on something true? If you haven’t then you surely need to continue reading!

KGF or also known as Kolar Gold Fields indeed was a fictional film, however, the Yash starrer is actually inspired by real-life events. Yup! You are reading this absolutely right.

According to a report by DNA, Yash starrer KGF has some truth to it, but the real-life events (the history) of the mine are around 121 years old. As per the reports, Kolar Gold Fields is located in the Southeast region of Karnataka, and around 900 tonnes of gold was excavated from the real mine.

The reports on KGF, also claim that Lieutenant John Warren of the British Government had written an article on it, in which he revealed, that the history of the Gold Fields goes way back to the year 1799 when Tipu Sultan was killed by the British in the battle of Srirangapatna. Lt John also revealed that after a few years the whole land was given to the state of Mysore, but the British owned the right to survey the land themselves.

In his article John also claimed that, during the Chola Empire, people dug gold by hand to extract gold. However, even after luring the villagers that of Kolar to dig for gold, he only managed to get his hands on very little gold. Warren then tried using modern technology. However, even that was of no use. This ended up with many workers losing their lives, compelling the British government to stop the excavations.

This didn’t stop here, in 1871, after Michael Fiegarald Levelly, a British soldier read John’s article, he obtained permission to excavate from the Maharaja of Mysore, and by 1875 he began the excavation once again. Torches and lanterns were used to light the mine. Levelly also arranged for electricity there in the mines after facing issues due to lack of light.

Reports claim that the obsession with excavating gold led to KGF becoming the first region in India to have active electricity. In 1902, 95 percent of the gold was mined by using technology. The Kolar mine employed 30,000 workers. Michael Levelly indeed made it happen!

What are your thoughts on the true story of KGF? Let us know your views on the same in the comments below!

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