Kantara's Rishab Shetty Claims 'Bhoota Kola' Is Hindu Culture?
Kantara’s Rishab Shetty Claims ‘Bhoota Kola’ Is Hindu Culture? Fans Slam A Viewer Who Disagrees With The Same(Photo Credit –Twitter/Poster From Kantara)

Kannada film Kantara has been making the right kind of noise across the globe owing to its collection. However, the leading actor, Rishab Shetty, who has written, acted and directed the film, found Kantara mired in controversy. It all started when his statement left netizens divided into two sections. A new video of the leading actor and director claiming that the Bhoota Kola tradition is a part of Hindu culture.

When asked about Panjurli, the Kantara actor told Tamil channel Cinema Vikatan, “Those gods, they are all part of our tradition. Definitely, it is part of Hindu culture and Hindu rituals. Because I am a Hindu, I have belief and respect for my religion. But I will not say others are wrong. What we have said is through the element that is present in Hindu dharma.”



However, things when South when Rishab Shetty’s claim was disagreed by a netizens and fans slammed him for the same. Actor and activist Chetan Kumar Ahimsa said, “Glad our Kannada film ‘Kantara’ is making national waves Director Rishabh Shetty claims Bhootha Kola is ‘Hindu culture’ False Our Pambada/Nalike/Parawa’s Bahujan traditions predate Vedic-Brahminical Hinduism. We ask that Moolnivasi cultures be shown w/ truth on & off screen.” Soon after his Tweet surfaced, netizens couldn’t help but disagree with him.

Reacting to the same a user wrote, “You have zero knowledge regarding this. Being Brahmin/Mangalorian, Me and my family worship Daiva, and Bhoota & follow our traditions, and customs. There is nothing related to Brahmin and Daiva.”

While another said, “Bhoota kola is part of my community and culture; we have our Bhootas in addition to our kuladevatha, gramadevatha and personal Ishta-devathas. To say bhootas are non-Hindu is laughably RIDICULOUS. Glad #Kantara showcases the rituals so aesthetically.” Check out a few more Tweets below:

Meanwhile, Kantara has taken the web by storm with its performance at the box office. It has already collected over 11 crore in just five days.

Coming back what are your thoughts on the same? Do let us know.

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