Wonder Woman 1984 Box Office Review
Wonder Woman 1984 Starring Gal Gadot Has Hit The Indian Cinemas On Dec 24

Wonder Woman 1984 Box Office Review: Star Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Lilly Aspell

Director: Patty Jenkins

Producer: Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder, Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot & Stephen Jones

Wonder Woman 1984 Box Office Review: Expectations

It’s been a long time since box office all over the world has been going through a rough period. Tenet was expected to bring some kind of a cheer but it didn’t prove to be successful. Now Wonder Woman 1984 starring Gal Gadot in lead is all set to attempt the same.

The film releases in India in the extended Christmas weekend. It’s a superhero movie which anyway will find patronage among more audience as compared to Tenet. So if the sci-fi film brought a certain section of the audience back to cinemas, WW84 is a bigger bet for sure.

Back in 2017, when first Wonder Woman released, the film did a business of 16 crores approx. But that was a different time and since 2018, the Indian market has been much more acceptable for English films. So even if we consider a barrier like a pandemic, surpassing the 16 crores mark shouldn’t be a problem for this one. Especially when it is getting the biggest release of the season in India.

Wonder Woman 1984 Box Office Review: Impact

I watched the film in 4DX format and it has been a lifetime experience. As the film opens with a breathtaking sequence involving child Diana Prince, you know that you are in for one of the best cinematic rides of life. And the film keeps up its promise till the end.

Not sure about the basic formats, but almost all the scenes involving Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman are a sheer joy to watch on 4DX format. As a cinema lover, I had the best pleasure of my life watching Patty Jenkins directorial today. For me, the year 2020 has ended on a high note and I am already planning to watch the film again. In the cinema of course.

As a whole film, Wonder Woman 1984 sure has its dull moments. When it loses the grip, you do notice it, but it’s a very tiny thing if we compare to the overall happiness that it provides.

To watch Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman performing all those action and chase sequences is a high of a different kind. Then the film has its share of drama, emotions and romance as well. The performances are top-notch and Pedro Pascal is a legend. The climax is delightful and pretty satisfying. Don’t miss the post-credit scene before leaving the hall.

Wonder Woman 1984 Box Office Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Wonder Woman 1984 will definitely do better than the first part did in India. It has all the potential to entertain the audience in this festive period and every one of you deserves a film like this for surviving 2020. It is the Santa audience & trade deserves for surviving 2020.

WW84 will be looking for a 30 crores lifetime business in India. That kind of collections look very much practical at this moment and anything more will be a bonus.

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