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Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 2 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Abhishek A Bachchan, Amit Sadh, Nithya Menen, Saiyami Kher, Naveen Kasturia

Creator: Mayank Sharma

Director: Mayank Sharma

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

Language: Hindi (with subtitles)

Runtime: 8 Episodes Around 45 Minutes Each

( Photo Credit – Still from Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 2 )

Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 2 Review: What’s It About:

So Avinash aka J is in the mental asylum being treated for his disorder. Three years have passed to the time when his daughter was saved from his clutches and he murdered four people to avenge something kind of still unclear. So now he has to be behind the bars but also kills the rest 6, because the Raavan theory if you remember. Season 2 which is actually 3, but never mind, scales how he manages to come out and satisfy his alter ego.

Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 2 Review: What Works:

The previous season of Breathe walked a very shaky path. It aspired to be a metaphorical tale of a man being taken over by a violent alter ego seeking his revenge. It spoke about Raavan and the idea of killing his 10 heads which symbolise one evil each. On paper, it all seemed like a full proof idea, but the execution turned out to be so above the surface that the metaphor didn’t even land well, forget dig deeper.

So now season 2, again led by Mayank Sharma (story, screenplay, direction) alongside  Arshad Syed, Vikram Tuli, Priya Saggi, and team minus the prolific writer Bhavani Iyer this time have the task to take that very shaky base and built a castle that should stand strong even with the tremors. While they don’t succeed to a point one can say that the show has arrived, one cannot really negate the good too.

The show pretty much retains the old characters barring the amazing Naveen Kasturia. The actor gets the best storyline this season. Team Breathe manages to create ultimate drama considering the mystery around him and also succeed in making it all look convincing. There is no denial that there is unbelievable drama around his past but it isn’t as bothering as the rest, so it all works in the favour of just Kasturia.

To the profit of the show, the makers this time around make things crisper and do not really overstuff almost everything like the last time. But that doesn’t mean there is no excess of it.

( Photo Credit – Still from Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 2 )

Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 2 Review: Star Performance:

Abhishek Bachchan as Avinash aka J evolves because he emotes more than the previous season that had him either confused or clueless almost all the time. This time he has to play two characters without a mask. While the transition on paper is absurd and at not point seems like an authentic mental disorder, the actor does well with what he is given. His fatherly instincts are used less this time and that does not work well.

Naveen Kasturia is the best part about the season 2. The actor is a huge revelation because you might have never imagined him doing this at all. He takes a 180 degree from what he’s been doing at the TVF camp. It is good to see him experiment and with confidence. More of this Naveen.

Nithya Menen opens the season like she is about to own it, but ends up being nothing more than that. So does Amit Sadh, who is just running behind the criminal without any personal growth or progressed character arc. Saiyami Kher is forgotten half of the time but has a good arc which should have been explored.

Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 2 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

The makers need to discuss how much drama and make belief is too much of it. Because Breathe: Into The Shadows in both the seasons with its twist set a new benchmark in demanding suspension of disbelief from the audience. Add to that a rushed execution and half of the time you are just ‘what is even happening’. For example, at one point Abhishek Bachchan is caught and he then explains how he got himself caught to execute his plan but then you realise how it is nothing but a convenient plot twist.

Or Nithya Menen 5 minutes ago is against the idea of the alter ego killing people, but is now ready to kill someone, because family. But where is her catharsis or struggle to make herself kill someone. No one sheds just two tears in an auto rickshaw after killing someone brutally for the very first times. Also, why is there so much lack of CCTVs in 2022? Also, aren’t the cops and doctors too lenient on a man who has killed four people?

That brings me to how bizarre is the execution of Avinash’s two personalities. I doubt any expert on the subject was ever consulted. Because at no point it feels believable or worth investing. Talking of believable, Naveen’s character at one point is sending pieces of picture which is a proof against someone, to the CBI like a puzzle. There is even a CBI officer sitting an tracking that puzzle. Who are we talking about exactly? CBI is a coveted agency with a job more than playing puzzles I guess!

Also, the biggest problem with the creators of Breathe is their confusion about where to stop. The climax gives out so much that it could have been saved for the next season.

Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 2 Review: Last Words:

Another season, yet so dull, Abhishek Bachchan starrer needs a revamp of top order if it wants to be a game changer.

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