Four More Shots Please! Season 3 Review
Four More Shots Please Season 3 Review Out ( Photo Credit – Four More Shots Please! Poster )

Four More Shots Please! Season 3 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Maanvi Gagroo, Bani J, Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari, Prateik Babbar, Neil Bhoopalam, Simone Singh, Samir Kochhar, Amrita Puri, Jim Sarbh, Rohan Mehra & ensemble.

Creator: Rangita Nandy.

Director: Joyeeta.

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video.

Language: Hindi & English (with subtitles).

Runtime: 10 Episodes Around 45 Minutes Each.

Four More Shots Please! Season 3 Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From Four More Shots Please! )

Four More Shots Please! Season 3 Review: What’s It About:

Damini (Saiyani), Umang (Baani), Anjana (Kirti) & Siddhi (Maanvi) were broken when we last met them. They continue to be so in the new season and try to mend themselves but in turn, break some more. Though not a sad ending this time around, there is still a lot to digress about.

Four More Shots Please! Season 3 Review: What Works:

After watching season 3 of the show which is stagnant in a place and refuses to grow, I was reminded of the first season which was about women unapologetically claiming what was already theirs but the patriarchy made it look like it wasn’t. The right to choose a partner, the right to one’s own body, or even the right to choose a profession and not be looked down upon because of gender. Even with a pop culture treatment of the material, the message came across quite clearly. The second season though wasn’t at par.

Season 3 has more cons than pros. But let’s first discuss the pros. Four More Shots Please is known for its unapologetic nature and the complete ignorance of the societal gaze. Four women are living their lives as they want and judgment is not something that bothers them because they have bigger problems. Season 3 manages to retain that essence and tries to add some more secondary conversations to it.

The season while focusing on the lives of its four protagonists, also deviates to tell the stories of the people in their lives. Simone plays Maanvi’s mother and this time is more empathetic toward her daughter. She has gone through a complete transformation and is now vulnerable. As her husband dies, every man close to her wants a piece of her now. How does she navigate and make sense of everything around her? Another amazing note the show taps into is the effect of modern relationships and their breaking on children. How are they supposed to deal with the fact that their parents might bring in their respective different partners? Who are they supposed to call parents and what relationship do they share with the new members?

There are questions that are important and through the unfiltered tonality writer Devika Bhagat, Ishita Nandy and creator Rangita Nandy explore the same.

Four More Shots Please! Season 3 Review: Star Performance:

The four ladies live their best lives on the sets of Four More Shots Please. You can see that in their performances, because they are content with their parts and play them without the need to over power each other. While the script fails to give her the arc she actually deserves, Kirti Kulhari does the best with what she’s given, making you think what if she was given much more.

Bani J is not trying to be anyone else and that’s the best part. There is this meta vibe that blurs the line between her reel and real self and that does work for good here. Sayani Gupta is a breathing dilemma shuffling between two men. Talking of men, Rohan Mehra seems impressive here and do I need to Say Prateik Babbar is one of the best things about the show? Neil Bhoopalam gets into his cuckoo character with ease and conviction.

Four More Shots Please! Season 3 Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From Four More Shots Please! )

Four More Shots Please! Season 3 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

The biggest problem about Four More Shots Please season 3 is that nothing really moves forward, it just keeps on spreading and even that widening of the horizon stops making sense after a point. In the quest to highlight their homes and the families, the lives of the four leads remain stagnant and that is not a good thing for a show which is at first based on those four women. Their love lives are going through the same mess without a tragedy or redemption (except for Siddhi). They are getting separated, reuniting and nothing coming out of it.

Also, what adds more weirdness are some visual decisions that the team takes. In the opening sequence, Siddhi is remembering her father in his prayer meet on the dais. The makers chose to place a little girl, who is actually grown-up Maanvi but her mother is probably imagining her as the said little girl. So when that 7-something child says grown-up things on a mic, it’s creepy than emotional and the effort to create a moment is lost.

Siddhi gets the bigger piece of the pie this season but the rush that the makers are in to give her redemption is evident. Like there are some highly illogical moves that don’t really land well. Like when she demeans her friends on the birthday dinner, someone would expect some altercation, reasoning, but everyone just forgets it all. Or even the fact that Damini and Anju are just oscillating in the same loop without any new arc.

Also, why do the men on the show get very little layers baring Prateik Babbar, who is now the most mystic character?

Four More Shots Please! Season 3 Review: Last Words:

Can we please go back to first season and understand what actually worked in the favour rather than creating multiple more with no substantial progress? Season 3 is not bad but stagnant with little to nothing to hook our curiosity for the future.

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