The Watchers Trailer Review
The Watchers Trailer Review. (Photo Credit – Youtube)

The Watchers Trailer is now out. The story is written and directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan, daughter of M Night Shyamalan. The supernatural horror film is based on A.M. Shine’s book of the same name. It stars Dakota Fanning as Mina, along with Georgina Campbell, Oliver Finnegan and Olwen Fouere.

After a thrilling teaser last month, the official trailer is now out. The 3-minute trailer is an extended version of the teaser, with additional scenes adding more suspense. We finally see more of how creepy the forest and shelter house are!

One unfortunate night, Mina (Dakota Fanning) gets stranded in a strange forest. Little did she know that her life wouldn’t be the same after that day. First, her car goes missing, and the forest starts making creepy sounds. A few strangers tell Mina she has five seconds until the shelter door closes. Mina runs for her life towards the door to escape from the eerie forest.

The Watchers Trailer Review. (Photo Credit – Youtube)

However, the shelter house does not bring relief as some mysterious creatures are watching them. One person in the room informs Mina that these creatures come every night and watch them. The walls of the house are windows to the other side. No person in the room has seen these creatures, and whoever sees them dies!

Through the TV sets inside the shelter, a man informs Mina and other trapped people that they’ve come to their world for a reason. Mina is determined to get out of the house and the forest. However, it’s a deadly risk that could prove fatal to everyone. The Watchers trailer also adds some glimpses of how the creatures trick their victims and harm their loved ones.

So, who exactly are these watchers, and what do they want? The Watchers trailer hasn’t answered this, thus leaving us excited for the movie. Just like her father, M Night Shyamalan, Ishana Night Shyamalan has managed to keep the intrigue factor intact. What makes her father’s movies compelling to watch are the spooky settings. Here, the forest and a trapped room with people inside will definitely make one feel uneasy. Let’s hope Ishana leaves us startled with her haunting tale like her father does with several of his movies.

The Watchers Trailer Review. (Photo Credit – Youtube)

Dakota Fanning plays the central character of Mina. Unlike others, Mina doesn’t want to sit and let others keep a watch on them. The actress looks promising in the trailer. We can’t wait to see if she manages to build a connection and interest in her character through her performance and the narrative.

Watch The Watchers Trailer Below –

The film is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros Pictures. It will hit the theatres on June 14, 2024.

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