Here’s Our Take On Cinderella Trailer Featuring Camila Cabello!
Cinderella Trailer Review: Stars Camila Cabello, Billy Porter & Others! (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Today’s women often go by the saying, “Keep your head up Princess, your tiara is falling.” It’s true because we don’t need no men to lift us up. There’s no longer a chase for the Prince charming because ‘who needs a prince when one can be a Queen herself?’ Camila Cabello is coming up with her modern-day fairytale, a tale that all the girls ‘should have’ grown up watching. Keep reading as we decode the Cinderella trailer for you.

A quick fact check for those unaware – Cinderella (2021) is an American romantic musical comedy. It is directed by Kay Cannon (the women behind the much-loved Pitch Perfect series). It is a twist to the original Disney tale, because this princess is all about chasing ‘her’ dreams (and it ain’t a prince)!

Cinderella features a stellar cast that includes Camila Cabello, Billy Porter, Pierce Brosnan, James Corden and others. To begin with, the makers deserve a huge applause for subtly covering issues like uplifting the LGBTQ community. Billy plays the role of a genderless god fairy, and he seems to be the highlight of the film. The rom-com also marks a full-fledged debut for Camila after appearing as herself in a couple of documentaries before. And oh boy, it seems she’s been a pro at the business since forever.

The trailer is a mix and match of important issues, entertainingly put across with funny dialogues and one-liners. Additions like James Corden and his signature style of cracking jokes surely lifts up the storyline. The ending dialogue of the trailer about ‘glass heels’ surely hypes us for the ‘picture toh baki hai’ scenario!

Camila Cabello plays an ambitious woman, who wants to start a designing business of her own. While she meets her Prince charming, she wants to continue chasing her career and be successful someday rather than just being a princess and “having a life stuck, waving from a royal box.” There’s the romance that you may be seeking for, but it’s not ‘the end.’

The videography is truly royal. Matched up with expensive and posh locations and vintage costumes, it’s giving the perfect vibe of living in the world where monarchs and royal families actually existed! The songs are another highlight to look up to and Camila’s crooning, so that’s something to look out for.

Cinderella seems to us like a much-awaited film that witnesses more than just a beautiful woman with her stereotypical dreams. It empowers women to be more, more than everything that has limited her in the past. It’s a film that would surely change opinions, at least that’s what the trailer makes us feel.

We’re super excited to witness this Camila Cabello starrer. How about you?

Cinderella releases on September 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

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