Friends: The Reunion Review
Friends: The Reunion Review OUT! ( Photo Credit – A Still From Friends Reunion )

Cast: David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry

Creator: Ben Winston

Star Rating: Could there be any more rating?

Friends: The Reunion Review: What Is It About?

It’s a reunion of six of our friends who, seventeen years ago, decided to leave us after being with us for a decade. This is something you’ll watch only if you’ve been with these friends for a better part of your life now. It’s strictly not for those who hate the show just because it’s cool to do so. This is for us, the silly ones, who came home only to find these six people doing regular adulting in your living room (or wherever all your furniture is pointed at).

The show starts with Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) entering the set that the team left in 2004. The other friends follow him, and Matthew Perry‘s Chandler enters the last as he’s welcomed with “Could you be any more late?” In a parallel track, we’ve James Corden conducting his ‘late night show’ with all of them on the porch amid the presence of the iconic couch and the fountain.

Friends: The Reunion Review: What’s Good & Bad?

In the last scene, Chandler sarcastically asks “where?” (which wasn’t even scripted) to Jennifer Aniston’s “let’s have some coffee” remark & here they’re back, reliving a few of the many memorable moments. There are many things to like about the show and a few which you might have wanted, but they’re together for just 100 odd minutes.

Once they all come together, you realise how they don’t even need a script to create that nostalgic feel around them. You just need a guitar riff and six of them together in a room talking about whatever they like. Even that would have been adequately okay, but this one packs a whole lot more than that. Now, is that a yay or meh? It’s suitable for most of the parts, but you can’t justify all the cameos. Justin Bieber as Spud-nik & Lady Gaga’s Smelly Cat is the best of the lot.

The track of Marta Kauffman & David Crane talking about casting the six friends reveal many unheard facts. David Schwimmer was sent gift baskets to convince him for coming on board for the show. Matthew Perry had $11 in his pocket while auditioning for the show, and now he earns around $20 million every year just because of one show. Jennifer Aniston was told, “Friends won’t make you star”, and Rachel was the hardest casting decision for the makers. One hundred minutes are filled in with such mind-blowing trivia.

With some questions from the audience & Corden’s more or less a tedious attempt at hosting, the ‘chat show’ track is saved by the great anecdotes by the cast.

Friends: The Reunion Review
Friends: The Reunion Review OUT! ( Photo Credit – A Still From Friends Reunion )

Friends: The Reunion Review: Memorable Highlights

One of the funniest impromptu highlights include Joey knocking on the door before entering; Monica asks, “Have you ever knocked before?” To which he replies, “Just on the reunion.” Every actor turns into their respective characters even if they try not to. Matt LeBlanc is completely Joey when he giggles at the ‘playing with the bones’ giving it a dual-meaning making it hilarious, something what he did for ten long years.

LeBlanc going “speak for yourself” while talking about how they haven’t ‘grown’ over all these years. This is exactly what Joey would do. The show has now been watched over 100 billion times since its first episode was aired. The fans’ section is where all hell breaks loose and a fan adding “they were my friends, they were the people I came back home to” strengthens the belief that this is not your average tv show (as quoted by Marta Kauffman in the reunion).

Matthew Perry revealing how he felt he would die if the live audience didn’t react well to his lines hints at how it wasn’t all fun and games. The cynic in me immediately wished how the team could’ve talked more about the gloomy side of being a part of such a cult show. That didn’t happen because clearly, the current situation demands light-hearted things, but Courteney does break your heart in the end when she says, “This would be the last time when we’re talked about the show as a group. We’re not going to do this in fifteen more years.” That’s the truth bomb we weren’t ready for, and that’s how it ends. Just like life, it’s not completely fair, but it’s what it’s.

Friends: The Reunion Review
Friends: The Reunion Review OUT! ( Photo Credit – A Still From Friends Reunion )

Friends: The Reunion Review: Last Words:

All said and done, just get off the plane (of sorrow and heartache), knock on that striking purple door once again only to find out they all will be there for us no matter what. They all are our lobsters!


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