Christopher Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Mammootty, Vinay Rai, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Amala Paul, Sneha, Shine Tom Chacko, and ensemble.

Director: B. Unnikrishnan

Christopher Movie Review
Christopher Movie Review Out ( Photo Credit – A Still From Christopher )

What’s Good: the job done by the casting director to bring together a very versatile and competent cast.

What’s Bad: everything that happened after the casting director was done with their job. Also, how unconvinced Mammootty is about the action

Loo Break: At no point in this movie demands anybody’s full attention, so there must be no stress.

Watch or Not?: It is now on Amazon Prime Video, and no one is forcing you. Make your choice wisely.

Language: Malayalam (with subtitles).

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Runtime: 151 Minutes

User Rating:

A righteous cop with no other layer to him shoots anyone and everyone if he thinks the said person has committed a crime. An inquiry is set against him, and no points in guessing the world bows down to him in the end. It is that simple!

Christopher Movie Review
Christopher Movie Review ( Photo Credit – A Still From Christopher )

Christopher Movie Review: Script Analysis

Police officers going out of their way to serve justice to the voiceless is a genre Hindi cinema has juiced out in the commercial space. Before woke conversations were cool, we all gave a blind eye to the idea that all of this does promote police brutality. If taking the law into their hands is a cinematic tool to add drama, there must also be a conclusion where the person faces consequences of his action even if he was morally right but legally not. Right when we now resist Rohit Shetty’s cop universe, reminding him of the same, stands a movie that lacks both, consequences and motivation altogether.

Christopher decides to be a film about crime against women, the misuse of power, the corrupt system that doesn’t serve justice every time, and a police officer who is trying to find a solution for all those problems. But what it ends up being is a superstar service of the massive name that it is being led by. Everything becomes about how amazing and robust the man encountering criminal without giving them the right to trial is. Or how the entire system is wrong but only he is the one who can solve the most acute of the cases.

Written by Udaykrishnan, Christopher never looks like a film but a summary of multiple Crime Patrol episodes crunched into one. There is no hook to this script that makes a way bigger promises than it could complete in the beginning. The story finds one think to stay on and develop by the end, and that too in a very rushed manner. Nothing really stays with you when the screen goes dark. Not the story, not the message, forget the drama altogether.

Christopher Movie Review: Star Performance

It should be called a crime that someone did such a great casting for a script so bad. Imagine having the ablest actors on board only to give them a film that lacks every possible aspect to make it a crackling drama with a message.

Can’t believe Mammootty was convinced to do this after the amazing Rorschach and Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam. The actor is just standing where he is told to and mouthing the lines given to him like he is highly unconvinced. There can be no other explanation. The action looks so underwhelming that one can even see the punches aren’t even landing on the faces of the ones who are been beaten.

If the main man has such a layer less part to play, are we expecting any good for the characters around him? Brilliant actors used for no good.

Christopher Movie Review
Christopher Movie Review Out ( Photo Credit – A Still From Christopher )

Christopher Movie Review: Direction, Music

This could be the weakest B. Unnikrishnan film with the lack of everything possible. The filmmaker doesn’t even try to add transitions to this movie that is kind of structured in an episodic manner. There is a flashback inside a flashback and no one is aware of what timeline the moment on screen is happening. There is nothing that tells you what year or phase this is.

Faiz Siddik’s camera is busy worshiping Mammootty from all possible angles. When he shifts to something else, he does try to capture some pretty good frames.

Christopher Movie Review: The Last Word

How do filmmakers bring in worthy talents without giving them equally excellent opportunities? Christopher is one of the weakest Mammootty films in the recent times.

Christopher Trailer

Christopher releases on 09 February, 2023.

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