Lock Upp: Saisha Shinde Reveals How Her Childhood Trauma With S*xual Abuse Was Wrongfully Linked To Being Gay
Lock Upp: Saisha Shinde Reveals How Her Childhood Trauma With S*xual Abuse Affected Her ( Photo Credit – Still from Lock Upp )

Lock Upp contestants had an emotional weekend as several secrets were revealed in the most recent episode of the reality show. Host Kangana Ranaut also joined the discussion throwing some light on how rampant child s*xual abuse is and how, in most cases, kids are not even aware that something wrong is happening with them. Saisha Shinde, who previously went by the name Swapnil, opened up on the trauma she faced as a child and how it was linked to her choice of being queer.


For the unversed, the show kicked off in February this year and looks like the viewers have already formed an opinion about the contestants. The social media engagement of this show is high and the format is also such that it has the viewers glued to their screens. In the most recent episode of the show, Ali Merchant, who entered the jail as a wild card was eliminated from the show while Saisha Shinde, who was also in the same position was saved by revealing a secret.


The whole discussion about child s*xual abuse kicked off when comedian Munawar Faruqui decided to share a part of his life which has never been spoken about, in the past. He mentioned that he was molested by his own relatives for five years when he was just six years old. Host Kangana Ranaut also added to the conversation by sharing her own story, which was further followed by Saisha Shinde.

Saisha Shinde said, “After listening to you both sharing all these, and Munawar talking about how people reacted when he shared it with them, I was reminded of my own experience. The few people whom I told about it, said to me ‘this is why you are this way. You are so much into s*x. You wear women’s clothes are this is why you are gay’. After that, I never had the courage to talk about the matter with anyone.”

Saisha Shinde further explained how she was just ten years old at that time and she has not yet confronted the person about it. She also reflected on how she has grown as a person and said, “Saisha has no qualms in speaking up when it comes to such situations.”

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