Lock Upp Exclusive: Jailer Karan Kundrra Tempts The Inmates With Some Enticing Offers! Here’s What They Are
Lock Upp Exclusive: Karan Kundrra Is Back In The Jail & He Has With Him Five Temptations To Be Carried Out In The Jhol Ghar(Pic Credit: Instagram/kkundrra, Poster, Episode Still)

Lock Upp, hosted by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is recently topped Ormax’s list of the 5 most viewed streaming shows and movies of the week with 5.2 million views. The reality show, that sees Karan Kundrra as its jailer is leaving no stone unturned in making it even more exciting and alluring to the public to maintain its No.1 spot.

And we have exclusive details on what’s in store for the views in the coming episode. As per our sources close to the show, the Right Block – consisting of inmates Payal Rohatgi, Nisha Rawal, Ali Merchant, Chetan Hansraj, Saisha Shinde, Azma Fallah and Mandana Karimi has won this week’s task and will be given 5 really ‘can’t say no’ temptations in the Jhol Ghar. Read on to know what they are as well as the consequences the inmates will face if they give into them.

As per our source, jailer Karan Kundrra will provide the Right Block with five temptations, including making a call, having coffee, getting a medi-pedi and more. In order to take the temptation, the Lock Upp contestant will simple have to punch/press the bell.

Temptation No 1 – Junk Food

The first temptation coming the Lock Upp contestants’ way is Junk food. The repercussion for giving into it is that the salt available to the kadis will be taken out of the jail till further notice. Payal Rohatgi will accept the opportunity to tick off the inmates as the first temptation. This in turn will irritate the kaidis because no one on her block would succumb to the temptation.

Temptation No 2 – Manicure & Pedicure

The second temptation was the Lock Upp contestant receiving a Manicure & Pedicure. So what do they lose for giving in to this temptation? Well, only one bathroom and one toilet will be open and available for use to the entire house till further notice.

Temptation No 3 – Coffee & Coffee Machine

The third temptation being offered by Karan Kundrra to the Lock Upp contestants is Coffee and a coffee machine. The consequence for giving into this is three kaidis will have to stay in the yard area till further notice. After Karan will persuade them to give in and we will see Payal Rohatgi and Saisha Shinde press for it.

Temptation No 4 – Voice Call

The fourth temptation being offered to the Lock Upp contestants is a voice call with anyone they want. The repercussion for this is that one person from the right block will not get access to the jhol ghar till further notice. To tempt the contestants to take it, Karan Kundraa first plays a video of Nisha Rawal’s son riding his new cycle – seeing which Nisha gets very emotional. Azma Fallah, who recently entered the show as the first wildcard contestant, also gets emotional as she wanted to talk to her mom. All kaidis from the Right Block get emotional after hearing this option.

Shivam Sharma and Ali Merchant fight as Shivam tells Ali to let Nisha make the call because she is missing her son. Ali and Azma will press the buzzer but Ali pressed it first. He in turn will choose Azma to bear the repercussions because she recently joined the game and he doesn’t have a bond with her. Karan Kundrra will then make the call with Ali’s dadi and the contestant has an emotional chat with his dadi and mom. During the interaction, Ali’s mom also tells him that he should talk more and take a stand for himself.

Temptation No 5 – Power Card

The fifth temptation is the Power card. This enables the person who accepts the power to remove themselves or anyone else from the charge sheet and replace them with someone from the opposing block. However, the votes the individual who was removed from the charge sheet gets would be passed on to the new charge sheet member. The consequence of giving in to this temptation is that for the next two weeks, the said person must provide two names from their block and one name from the opposite block on their charge sheet.

Mandana Karimi will press the button and save Ali Merchant because she admired his spirit and he hadn’t had the chance to play in a long time.

The contestants in the Right Block at the moment are Payal Rohatgi, Nisha Rawal, Ali Merchant, Chetan Hansraj, Saisha Shinde, Azma Fallah and Mandana Karimi. The Left Block consists of kadis Munawar Faruqui, Kaaranvir Bohra, Sara Khan, Shivam Sharma, Anjali Arora and Poonam Pandey. The contestant on the charge sheet for this week in Lock Upp are Ali, Payal, Nisha, Anjali, Sara, and Poonam.

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