4 Lessons Every Man Should Learn From Ravi Dubey To Keep Your Lady Love Happy
4 Lessons Ravi Dubey Teaches Every Man To Keep Your Lady Love Happy ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Ravi Dubey )

Love is a complex feeling, and it is understood by people who believe in the magic of love. From sleepless nights to getting up early to meet your bae, from taking trips together to sharing your favourite food, and from long drives to walks in the garden, all such things are signs of real mad love. And one such couple who are crazily and madly in love is Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta.


There have been several occasions when most of the girls have secretly wished to have a husband just like Ravi. The way he is crazy about Sargun proves that true love still exists in this time of flings and divorces. Today we are going to list down 4 such lessons taught by Ravi, which every husband or boyfriend should take cues from. Only we know how difficult it has been for us to choose them coz we love everything he does for Sargun! Enjoy and try not to fall for Ravi more.


1.Sing For Your Wife/Girlfriend To Pamper Her

Wouldn’t all you girls love that your husband or boyfriend sings for you and holds you in his arms to pamper you? Yes, I know that is what most of us dream for. Well, yes! Sargun is a lucky girl as she has that in the form of her husband Ravi Dubey who does not shy away from singing for his lady-love and posting it on Instagram.

2.Always Abide By What Your Wife/Girlfriend Says

We girls love it when our partners listen to our demands quietly without creating a fuss. Well, Ravi Dubey is a live example of that kinda partner who happily listens to what wifey Sargun has to say, even if he has to wait till the next day to click a picture. Isn’t this what we call a sorted mind?

3.Dance To The Tunes Of Your Lady-Love

A man who does not mind his girl showing him the right way is a gem. Ravi Dubey here is happily dancing to the tunes of Sargun Mehta as she teaches him the right move. This is the perfect way to create a balance in life and to stay happy.

4.Always Shower Your Lady With Kisses

You know what makes us girls the happiest? Our man showering us with dozens of kisses and never getting bored. Despite their relationship being 7-years-old, the intensity of love is still the same and the way Ravi Dubey looks at Sargun Mehta is just beyond words.

Now, don’t you all wish for a man like Ravi in your lives? Do not lie, we have already caught you smiling!

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