How You Doin’ To Eating An Entire Turkey, Speaking French & More – 8 Times Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani Was The Funniest FRIENDS Character Ever!
FRIENDS: From His Love For Food To Flirting & More – 8 Times Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani Has Us Laughing To Glory(Photo Credit – Stills)

When we think of Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani, the first things we remember are “Joey doesn’t like to share food” and him flirting with the opening line, “How you doin.’” But besides these moments, the actor has flooded the 10 seasons of FRIENDS with several more instances.


From being adamant that he can finish an entire turkey by himself to learning French, acting like the owner of a Porsche and becoming an acting coach, he made us catch out stomach while rolling on the floor. Today, relax with a bucket of popcorn and check out the 8 funniest Joey Tribbiani moments on FRIENDS, according to us.

The One With His Porsche


While the other friends are busy with life – Ross-Rachel getting a divorce and Phoebe, Chandler & Monica babysitting the triplets – Joey Tribbiani acts like he is the owner of a Porsche. When the actual owner comes and claims his wheels, Joey’s craziness for it doesn’t stop; in fact, it gets worse.

Haven got a lot of ‘love’ for owning a Porsche, Matt LeBlanc’s character dress from head-to-toe in clothes branded with the car’s name and logo. In an attempt to maintain his ‘image,’ Matt LeBlanc’s character turns out to be quite the craftsman as he models a Porsche out of cardboard boxes and covers it up with a protective car blanket. When the ball hit it more than the boxes crashing down, it was Joey’s dreams.

The One Where He Goes On Pyramid

Owing to his fame as Dr Drake Ramoray, Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani is invited as a special guest on the game show Pyramid – which one of the funniest moments not only of the finale season but the entire show. It is a disaster, and he loses almost every round even though his partner’s clues were very simple to guess from.

While he gives away the words when he has to make his partner guess, him guessing the words is downright hilarious. This FRIENDS character is cocky when he has to guess things you find in your refrigerator but manages to screw it up with items such as paper, snow, a ghost, a dog, a rock, and the Earth!

The One Where He Turns Into An Acting Coach

After his stint as Dr Drake Ramoray on Days Of Our Life, Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani turns acting coach for his lucky few. He begins his class with a very important lesson by saying, “One of the most important things in soap opera acting is reacting – this doesn’t mean acting again. It means you don’t have a line but somebody else just did.”

While sharing some tricks of the trade, this FRIENDS character gives them tips on how to cry for a scene, look vicious, and even react when you get bad news. And trust me, no other acting coach will teach you these things the same way.

The One With His Fridge

Joey Tribbiani’s fridge – the one his parents brought just after he was born close to 30 years ago – breaks, and he resorts to some absurd levels to get others to pay for it. While initially trying to get his temporary roommate Rachel to shell out $400 for the appliance, he then tries his tactics on his ex-roomy Chandler.

When Chandler walks into the apartment and finds a nauseous-looking Joey, he says, “well you don’t look good, Joe”. To this, Matt LeBlanc’s character explains in a very matter-of-fact way that the fridge broke, so he had to eat everything. What makes these FRIENDS moment funnier is the tactic he used to get the money from Chandler.

Joey paints quite a picture, wherein the ex-roomies are a divorced couple, and their kid is the fridge that was left with him. He says that now as their ‘child’ is dead, he needs $400 to get a new one, and Chandler has to pay for it. When this too doesn’t work, Joey finally tries to get the money from Ross by pushing him into the fridge and claiming he broke it.

The One Where He Wears Chandler’s Clothes

While Ross is eager to get all his friends ready for a black-tie event at his workplace, everything is in disarray right from no one bring ready to Joey and Chandler fighting over who sits on the armchair in Monica’s house.

While Chandler hides Joey Tribbiani’s underwear, Matt LeBlanc’s character heads to put on every piece of clothing his roommate owns while going commando. From multiple shirts/t-shirts, pants and more, it’s hilarious to see him complain of sweating while under the layers. Him imitating Chandler and saying, “Could i be wearing any more clothes “will leave you catching your sides.

The One Where He learns French

In the show’s finale season, we see Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani approach Pheobe to learn French for his upcoming audition. However, despite her repeated efforts, Joey only speaks gibberish and frustrates Pheobe to the extent where she walks out.

While he thinks he’s speaking excellent French, it’s hilarious seeing everyone’s reaction to it. To save him further embarrassment, Pheobe goes as far as saying he is retarted!

Where He Eats The Whole Turkey

Joey Tribbiani loves his food but hates to share it. One Thanksgiving, Monica decides to do away with the turkey as there is always a ton left behind. While this episode is memorable owing to Brad Pitt’s guest appearance, the star of the episode was Matt LeBlanc’s character eating the whole turkey and then a good pie serving.

And it wasn’t an easy feat. Halfway through finishing the turkey, this FRIENDS character heads for a wardrobe as “jeans have no give.” He slips into Pheobe’s maternity pants, and they are much more stretchable. The end, where he asks Monica for a ‘slither’ of pie, is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

And Finally, Every Time he Said, “How you doin’”

I beat as you read these words; you imagined Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani saying it with his usual charm and flirty nature.

Which is the funniest Joey Tribbiani moment, according to you from FRIENDS? Let us know in the comments.

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