Dolly Singh To Ruhee Dosani - 5 Female Instagrammers You Need To Follow RN Because Their Content Is Beyond This World
Dolly Singh To Ruhee Dosani – 5 Female Instagrammers You Need To Follow RN (Photo Credit – Instagram / Niharika Nm / Ruhee Dosani / Dolly Singh )

2020 was a female-dominated year and why we say so. From the US getting its first black lady Vice President, Kamala Harris to Time’s ‘Kid Of The Year’ Gitanjali Rao, women across all platforms proved that ‘Nothing is impossible’. Today, we are going to talk about 5 female Instagrammers including Dolly Singh, Ruhee Dosani and Niharika Nm that you need to follow right now because their content is lit AF.


Besides celebrities, why do we look up to social media? To entertain ourselves, right? And these 5 Instagrammers have made my pandemic quite interesting, honestly speaking.


Throughout the global crisis, these Instagrammers didn’t make us feel bored at any point in time. From having a mental breakdown at 3 in the morning, these women have been with us through their content and no kidding there. From Dolly Singh to Ruhee Dosani to Niharika Nm, these Instagrammers are setting new rules and living up to them every day.

Dolly Singh:

What do I write about Dolly? This woman is a bundle of talent and with every character she plays on Instagram, she just leaves us in awe of her. From her realistic rants of Raju Ki Mummy to Guddi Bhabhi to Zeenat, Dolly is nothing short of a blessing in our lives.

Ruhee Dosani:

Ruhee’s content is so unique that there’s no way you don’t follow her on Instagram. And guess what, Ranveer Singh follows her too. She dances with her friends in the videos and from her song selection to the style of dancing, everything about her is just so entertaining.

Niharika Nm:

Aiyo! This one will just crack you up with her south Indian accent and relatable content. I just love Niharika’s content and she’s one of the best Instagrammers right now and you wouldn’t even realise when from 12 it’ll become 1 in the night just by looking at her videos. Trust me, been there DONE that. Also, her expressions Niharika does it better than most of the Bollywood actresses.

Kusha Kapila:

Ek to Punjabi, phir enni soni or phir ‘Content’ usse bhi zyada sona. Haha! Kusha’s candidness and Punjabi accent is what I love the most about her. From playing a Punjabi mother in her videos to her different ‘Aunty’ avatars, this one does it like a PRO. If you’re feeling an existential crisis, watch her videos, you feel better and trust me on that!

Srishti Dixit:

I love her ‘Kanpuriya’ slang to no extent. Not because I’m from UP but because I’m from UP. Haha! From her cat videos to Pintu’s videos, her Instagram profile is a real treasure and once you start scrolling through the videos, there’s no end there.

So tell us, which is your favourite female Instagrammer from the above-mentioned list? And if you still don’t follow them, you need to follow them RIGHT NOW, you’re missing out on the best content available there.

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