When Nam Joo-hyuk Agitated K-Nets By Asking Bae Suzy "What Did You Eat For Lunch?" Allegedly Implying Her Breath Stinks
When Nam Joo-hyuk Crossed The Line With ‘Start-Up’ Co-Star Bae Suzy As He Asked Her “What Did You Eat For Lunch?” Allegedly Implying Her Breath Stinks- Watch Video! (Photo Credit: IMDb)

What do we love the most about slice-of-life K-dramas? The dreams and hopes they bring along with a dash of romance. Start-Up, starring Bae Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk, also featuring Kim Seon-ho in a pivotal role, was a breath of fresh air, especially for those stuck in their professional endeavors wanting to set free from the burden of a monotonous 9-5 and willing to undertake their own adventures.

The 2020 K-drama made headlines for its inspiring storyline which followed budding entrepreneurs battling it out to bring life to their passion with creative ideas, willing to be a shark in a sea full of fish. Alongside the unique treatment to the story, Start-up also grabbed many headlines for the chemistry between its lead pair, Bae Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk, both prominent Hallyu stars with illustrious careers.

However, did you know once Nam Joo-hyuk found himself mired in a controversy after he allegedly crossed a line with Bae Suzy? Yes, you heard that right. Despite being known for his well-behaved mannerisms, Nam Joo-hyuk was at the receiving end of staunch criticism from K-netizens after a behind-the-scenes video from the sets of Start-Up went viral.

The BTS video was from the filming of a kiss scene between Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk on the rooftop. After the first shot, Nam Joo-hyuk casually asked Suzy, “What did you eat for lunch?” Suzy, clearly taken aback by the impromptu question, replied, “Did I smell like noodles? Why did you ask that?” The uncomfortable look on Suzy’s face depicted that she did not find the question in good taste as it perhaps implied her breath stinked during the kiss scene.

Nam Joo-hyuk did not stop here as he further clarified that she didn’t smell like Samhap, taking a sly dig at her hometown, Jeolla province. His answer then activated a playful smacking from the former Miss A member as she added, “Why would you ask what I ate right after a kiss scene?”

Check out the BTS video below:

Nam Joo-hyuk’s actions triggered negative responses from critical K-netizens – who did not approve of his behavior towards Nation’s First Love, a title used to adore Suzy. Many also pointed out that Nam Joo-hyuk making distasteful remarks, implying her breath stinks, in front of the camera with the whole staff around was not playful, as Suzy is his senior in the industry, and he should have held a more polite approach towards her. Some K-nets also went on to highlight how he seemingly crossed the line with the comment, putting Suzy in an uncomfortable position.

However, the controversy soon died down after Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy won everyone over with their camaraderie while promoting Start-Up.

Start-Up is currently streaming on Netflix.

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