Jessi Gets Candid Revealing How She Wipes Off Her B*tt At GOT7's BamBam's Show - Watch!
Jessi Shows GOT7’s BamBam How She Wipes Off Her B*tt With Her Long Nails As She Goes All Out With TMI At Bam’s House In Hilarious Chat – Watch Video! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Trust Jessi to make heads turn, be it with her songs, outfits, or proud confessions. The singer recently shocked everyone as she announced her departure from K-pop juggernaut PSY of Gangnam Style fame’s P-Nation to sign with Jay Park’s latest label venture, More Vision. A social media sensation, Jessi’s interviews always manage to crack fans up, and during one of her recent chats, the singer may have shared a little too much. Scroll ahead.

To those who think K-pop does not bring variations with their songs, have you checked out Jessi’s discography yet? From TikTok’s famous song NUNU NANA to chartbuster Who Dat B, Jessi’s bold approach to life is visible in her craft. Some of her other popular songs include Gucci, STAR, and My Romeo among others.

While most K-pop idols like to keep a low-key front, trust Jessi to always come up with TMI. She was recently at GOT 7’s BamBam‘s online show Bam’s House, where he invites celebs to his home for interviews. Jessi and BamBam, both known for their nonchalant attitude, sent fans on a laughter riot with their funny anecdotes, but it’s Jessi’s TMI that currently has fans rolling on the floor with laughter.

During the interview, BamBam set out a Tanghulu ( a Korean snack) for Jessi to try, which prompted her to reveal that she recently suffered from a stomach ache and she doesn’t want to have to use the GOT7 member’s bathroom. After some time, the two began discussing their ideal types, and Jessi explained she likes a ‘buffed man’ contrary to skinny partners that South Koreans usually prefer. Jessi reasoned that she wanted someone to protect her, and who other than a chiseled man could do the job better?

Jessi added that she would be a good partner and would not even mind scratching her boyfriend’s back if needed, given her long nails. ” I like scratching. That’s a love expression. Look at my nails. You know how good it’ll be?” she told BamBam.

BamBam went on to ask the obvious as he questioned Jessi if her nails ever make her uncomfortable. Jessi disagreed, explaining she has had long nails for 16 years now, and she finds it easier to do certain tasks with her long nails.

While they were at it, Jessi also mentioned that people often ask her how she wipes herself when she uses the bathroom. “I’m so used to having nails this long. That’s why people ask me how I wipe off my b*tt. What do you mean by that?” she said. The question piqued BamBam’s interest, who in turn, questioned, “But how do you do it? I never thought about it. Jessi being Jessi, was quick to demonstrate the act and used a napkin off the table to show how she did it. The GOT7 singer soon joined her, and it couldn’t have gotten any funnier.

The 34-year-old later revealed she wanted to freeze her eggs for pregnancy at a later age. The staff then informed BamBam that men can do it too, and the GOT7 member got confused and asked if he should freeze his balls too. Jessi was too shocked at Bam and told him he could freeze his sperm just like women freeze their eggs.

We love how Jessi makes everyone around her feel comfortable enough to divulge personal details. She’s truly a K-pop gem.

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