Happy Birthday RM: Kim Nam-joon Once Shared How BTS ARMY Saved Him From Quitting Music Industry: "Made Me Chase My Dream Again"
BTS’ RM Almost Quit The Music Industry But It Was The ARMY That Kept His Hopes Alive ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The South Korean boy band BTS, which consists of six other members, RM, Jimin, Jin, J Hope, Suga, and Junkgook, has become huge across the world. The group has a massive fanbase worldwide, who are known for going out of their way and giving their idols extravagant gifts for their birthdays. But, today as BTS member RM aka Kim Nam-joon celebrates his 29th birthday, the member shared a heartfelt note on Weberse.

In his letter, RM expressed his love for the ARMY and stated that he cannot hug each fan but they should know that his feelings are way more than that. However, this is not the first time the BTS member has shared about his feelings for the fans. Earlier, in an interview with Rolling Stone India, RM had shared how the BTS fans helped him when he felt “he can’t go on in this industry”.

In 2017, RM told Rolling Stone India, “When we go abroad and they shake our hands or in the letters when they’re saying, ‘Namjoon, you changed my life,’ or ‘Your song inspired me’… That was one of the biggest things that kept my energy for years.”

RM had also said that whenever he feels like he can’t continue in the industry, he thinks about the fans. He added, “Their voices that say, ‘All your songs, all your lyrics changed me, changed my life and made me chase my dream again…’ I see that and I just cannot quit. I really appreciate that. They are changing my life by saying I changed their lives.”

Now, on his birthday, he took to his Weverse account and wrote, “Hello. It’s the last birthday of my 20s. I don’t know if it’s because of the characteristics of the field I work in, but birthdays always get accompanied by a bit of bashfulness. I think of it as an ordinary day but.. since many people congratulate me sincerely, I feel quite happy and blessed. I often think of the thought that love is like a name being given to someone. Until Kim Namjoon becomes ‘Kim Namjoon‘. It is just a day amongst the plentiful 365 days but the fact that this day doesn’t feel like just a passing day to the twenty-nine-year-old me, is because of you all.”

A section of RM’s letter, which has been translated by a an user user @BTStranslation on X, which was formerly known as Twitter, read, “On receiving the sincerities I always thought should I try receiving them once as a downpour, the me who considered pessimism and futility as cool, I realized that I am also a temperamentally optimistic person. Isn’t this a miracle. These days I live with the thought of ‘why not’.”

“Explained by the love I’m getting from around me, I’m living while sharing optimism. And it is also encompassing in my next songs that will come out someday. Right. Merely, would I be able to be honest through a way more beautiful than music? It’s truth I already know but sometimes it feels not enough with just that. That is why I wonder if I became BTS. To express in various ways. Be it a program, or an interview, or dancing, be it anything.. what a blessed life it is. And these always make me want to look with both my eyes and contemplate, wherever I am (in life),” the BTS birthday-boy further added.

RM continued, “It is said when coincidence coincides, it is an inevitability. It is also said that coincidence is destiny disguised as a coincidence. It seems that me giving this letter to you is the same. The feeling that no matter which version of me it’d have been, I would’ve been writing this letter to you in September 2023. My birthday letters are each a different love language of where I have reached at that present time. And because of you all, I’m living really well. I want to live well.”

Finally, RM concluded, “I just wanted to let you all know that I love you with the latest version of me. I cannot hug each and every one of you but know that my feelings are more than (just) that. I won’t ask you to love me no matter what my form is. However, I want to try and make an effort for as much as I’ve received. The last birthday of my 20s is also going by smoothly like this. No matter which sky you are under, please be healthy and happy for a long time. See you again after a while. For your birthday too, in advance or a little belatedly, happy birthday sincerely! Thank you. – Namjoon.”

Meanwhile, RM had also shared about his upcoming project on Weverse and revealed that he is planning to release a new album. The BTS singer said, “My turn will be far next, not far away but I’m still working.”

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