Malik Has A Jaw Dropping Tattoos Collection Including Flowers, Comic Characters, Names, Geometric Figures, Animals & More
Zayn Malik’s Bod Is Nothing Less Than A Canvas & These 40+ Tattoos Are Testimony Why (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Singer Zayn Malik, who became popular as a member of the British boy band One Direction, turns a year older today. As the singer rings on his 29th birthday, we decided to celebrate it by giving you all a glimpse of the several tattoos he has inked over his body and the meaning behind some of them.

Born Zain Javadd Malik, the ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ singer has close to 50 different tattoos on his. These inks cover several parts of his body including his neck, chest, back, head, arms, fingers, legs and more. Wondering which tattoos he has where and what it means? Then scroll down and find out!


Dad’s Name

Despite being an international pop sensation, Zayn Malik is a relatively grounded son and the same is evident from this tattoo he has behind his right ear. The former One Direction member has his dad’s name, Yaser, inked vertically downwards. Isn’t that sweet!



After a breakup with his long love-Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik got a new tattoo done at the base of his skull. This ink was a magnificent rose with the stem extending down into his neck. The rose inscribed by him has shades of black.

Neck Tattoo

After another split from Gigi Hadid, Zayn once again added to his tattoo collection- but this time it was a bigger one. The singer got a large wing tattooed right below his father’s name and what looks to be the word “Athames” on the back of his neck. Starting from the right side of his neck, the highest part of the wing curved around his ear.

While getting these tattoos on his neck, skull and behind the ear may have been painful, that’s not the end of Zayn Malik’s inks. The singer has dozens of tattoos on his chest, abs, stomach, arms and legs. Scroll down for a glimpse at the inks the former One Direction member has on this upper body and back.

Gigi Hadid’s Eyes

While he may have got inks after their breakups, Zayn Malik also got an ink showing his love for Gigi Hadid. On his 25th birthday, Malik got the centre of his chest tattooed with Gigi’s eyes. Isn’t that romantic. Well, as romantic as it was while the duo was together, we wonder what he will morph it into now as they are no longer together.

Arabic writing on his left chest/shoulder

Zayn Malik has the words ‘Be True To Who You Are’ inked from the upper side of his left chest to his shoulder in Arabic.

Grandfather’s Name In Arabic

The above-mentioned ink is not the only Arabic tattoo the former One Direction singer has on his body. The pop star has the name of his maternal grandfather written in Arabic on his right upper chest. When translated to English, the word reads Walter. As per reports, this tattoo was the first-ever body ink he got.


On the right side of his collarbone, the singer has the word ‘Friday’ with a question mark(?) inked. While a few letters are in capitals, the rest are in small letters. We wonder why he only got Friday inked and that too with a question mark. All you Zayn fans, did something happen on a Friday we don’t know about? (Tell us in the comments)

Mandal Art on Chest

Just below Gigi Hadid’s gorgeous eye in the centre of his check, Zayn is inked with a Mandal art. With the many lines and colouring, we bet it was a painful process.

An Array of Art Across His Collarbone

Zayn Malik’s collarbone, upper chest up to his shoulder is filled with several small and medium-size artworks. In the centre of his chest, the singer is tattooed with red lips surrounded by angel’s wings with a horned goat head above it. To the right side of his chest, the ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ has a patterned Mandal art with the letter ‘M’ inside it and a smoking skull beneath it. On the opposite side, the singer is inked with a skull and crossbones. As per reports, Zayn has named this tattoo ‘Earl’.

A pirate’s life for me

On the right side of his body – near the ribcage – Zayn Malik has the words “a pirate’s life for me” tattooed. These words appear just below another ink – a playing card with a crown at its centre.

Black Heart (Cover-up Tattoo)

One of Zayn’s many cover-up tattoos is the black heart he has on the right side of his stomach. This ink covers his previous Chinese ‘Born Lucky’ tattoo. We wonder why he covered it up… does he not need that tattoo anymore?

Writing on the Lower Left Side of The Stomach

On the lower left side of the stomach, Zayn has the words “Don’t Think I Won’t” written in all caps. This line is part of the lyrics from the song ‘Don’t Think I Won’t’ sung by Mark Wills.

A Gun in The Waistband

Zayn Malik got a gun inked on the left side of the ribcage, just tucking into his waist. The day Midnight Memories was released, was the first time Zayn was spotted with this tattoo.

New Zealand’s Fantail Bird

On his back, near his neck, Zayn is tattooed with a New Zealand’s fantail bird in black and white colour. He got this tattoo done while he was on a concert tour with his fellow bandmates in One Direction.

Now moving from his upper body to his arms, the Pillowtalk singer has inks of animals, reptiles, geometric shapes, a UFO, miniature drawing and lots, lots more.


On his right shoulder up to his mid-upper arm, Zayn Malik has an enormously huge and slithery snake. Have a look at it and you will see how detailed the work is.


Not just a reptile, Zayn also has several other animals on his body including a Tiger on his upper right arm. When asked about his tattoo, the singer once revealed that he likes it because this majestic animal represents strength, power, and force.

Space Monkey

Another animal close to the above-mentioned two is that of a monkey. But it’s no ordinary one. This money is off in space as the ink shows it wearing an astronaut’s helmet.

Lightning Bolt

The lightning symbol is a simple yet elegant piece of artwork that is worth getting inked with. The pop singer has it on the upper right arm. FYI, a lightning bolt is a symbol of sheer power.

Geometric shapes

Still on his right arm only, Zayn Malik is inked with a few geometrical shapes including 2 squares, 1 triangle and 1 circle. These shapes are placed in close proximity to the lightning bolt and space monkey tattoo.

“Mind of Mine” Album’s Title

Zayn got the title of his album ‘Mind of Mind’ tattooed on the upper side of his left arm with the letters scattered and appearing in variable shapes and sizes and different font styles.

UFO (Cover-up Tattoo)

Another cover-up tattoo Zayn has is that of a UFO on his upper right arm. He got this ink when he ended his 4 years long relationship with Perrie Edwards in 2015. Before the UFO, the area was inked with the portrait of Perrie. But, since the relationship ended he got it covered up.


The former One Direction’s singer has a singing mic inked on his right forearm with its wire wrapped around his wrist. Now that’s a huge tat- don’t you agree!

Pink Floyd Prism

On the inner side of his right bicep, Zayn Malik has Floyd’s Prism – which is an outline of a prism from where the light enters and forms a rainbow on the other side- inked.

Checkered Flag

On his left hand, Zayn has a checkered flag – in black and white colour ink. Zayn got this tattoo after he broke away from One Direction. Zayn’s lotus tattoo marks the beginning of his solo career.


Just above the checkered flag tattoo, the ‘Still Got Time’ singer has a greyish lotus flower. Lotus is symbolic of beauty, rebirth, and harmony and seems like he might have wanted a fresh start so he got this beautiful tattoo inked.


Around Zayn’s right elbow is a folded bandana in black and white colour. The edge of the bandana hangs down the elbow of Zayn’s hand and looks stunning.

“Chillin” Palm Tree

On his right hand, Zayn Malik’s has the word “Chillin” in bubble letters with a palm tree hovering over the letters tattooed.


Zayn has a matching tattoo with his besties, Anthony and Riach. And what is it? Well, it is a tiny jigsaw puzzle outlined on the inner side of his right elbow.


Zayn loves numbers and has a handful of them tattooed all across his right hand in varying sizes. These numbers include a large number 6 (near his ZAP tattoo), another 6 (near the microphone wire tatt on the wrist), a third 6 on the outer side of his wrist, number 1 – both above and below the crossed finger tattoo), and a number 5 (near the microphone tattoo). On rearranging, it forms Zayn’s X Factor audition number 1-6-5-6-1-6 which significantly changed his life thereafter.

SGT 2 4 17 on Forearm

Zayn Malik also has ‘SGT 24 17’ tattooed on his left forearm. Wondering what it means? Well, it stands for his album Still Got Time which was released on March 24, 2017.

Crossed fingers

The ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ singer has the outer side of the right forearm inked with a hand with 2 crossed fingers. Crossed fingers are used as a gesture to wish luck to someone and we wish him tons of it.


Zayn is a comic book lover and the same is evident from this t=ink he has on the outer side of his right forearm. The singer is inked with the word ‘ZAP’. When asked about it, he once explained, “Basically it stands for a society of club zappers. I and Louis are captain zappers and we have converted the rest of the boys, they are part of it. It just symbolizes my love for comic books. It filled a nice spot, and I’ve always loved comic book art.”

MSG 3-12-12

On his right hand, the singing sensation has the word MSG inscribed with the date 3-12-12. This abbreviation and date stand for Madison Square Garden where the One Direction’s band performed on December 3, 2012.


On the outer side of Zayn Malik’s left hand is tattooed with the word “BUS1.” The singer got it inscribed as a memory of the One Direction’s band tour bus.


Maintaining balance is difficult but Zayn has a tattoo to remind him of doing it. On the outer side of his left wrist, the singer has a yin-yang tattoo with a black dot in the white region and a white dot in the black region – a Chinese art form which represents that in this universe everything is interconnected even though if the things appears complementary to each other.


On his knuckles, Zayn has a simple yet beautiful tattoo in black ink that reads “Love.” Simple but beautiful.


The former One Direction member has a henna-style flower that stretches from the middle of the left hand, grows in the middle and extends through the wrist. The details on it are commendable with the tattoo ink blending in completely winning hearts.

Symbols on Fingers

The singer’s left-hand fingers are inked with several different graphical symbols. On his little finger, he has an arrow consisting of 3 little triangles inscribed. On his ring finger, there is a crescent moon and a dotted triangle inked while a diamond and an inverted v are present on the middle finger. A Christ cross with 4 dots and an inverted v appear on the upper portion of his index finger.

War Sword That Glows

Zayn Malik’s right hand’s middle finger is inked with a war sword. What’s interesting is that its blade glows in the dark because it is tattooed using ultraviolet ink. AWESOME!

Smoking Lips Tattoo

On his right hand, the singer has red coloured lips breathing out smoke inked.

Flying Bird Outlined

The now solo singer – who broke away from One Direction years ago – has the outline of a flying bird inked on his hand. Since birds are symbolic of flying in the limitless sky with no boundaries to stop them so, we think it was the same with Zayn.

Last but not least are the tattoos on Zayn’s leg.

Criss Cross Symbol

The singer has inked a Criss Cross tattoo on his right leg below the knee. This piece of art resembles both the hashtag symbol and a tic tac toe board. We wonder if he plays the latter on his leg if he’s bored. Just wondering…

Wolf And Feather Tattoo

On the front of his left leg, just below the knee, Zayn Malik has inked the head of a brown coloured wolf along with 2 feathers. A masterpiece if you ask me.

Comic Book Characters

Once again Zayn’s love for comic books & their characters is visible thanks to these pieces. The singer is crazy about comic characters and has his left leg – below the knee has 3 superheroes, including The Incredible Hulk, a portrait of Joker and Marvel’s Deadpool.

Twin’s Name

Alongside the three comic book characters, Zayn has his twin’s name – Rodger, inked in all caps.


Last but definitely not least, the former One Direction member got his right ankle inked with a little screw symbol. All the members of the band have this same tattoo – sweet na!

Did we miss any of his inks? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Birthday, Zayn Malik!

Article source: Bodyartguru

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