Zack Snyder Believes Audience Could Not Understand His ‘Batman v Superman’
Zack Snyder Thinks Audiences Could Not Understand ‘Batman v Superman’ Because Of His Experiential Modern Superhero Approach(Photo Credit –Poster From Movie)

Zack Snyder was the architect of the previous DC Extended Universe, aka DCU, but unfortunately, his vision could not last long. The fandom appraised his movies and universe until controversy overtook his projects, leading him to scrap most of the movies. However, he did manage to bring Batman vs Superman movie, which was just epic. The showdown between the two strongest DC characters is still regarded as one of the best DC movies of all time. While many praised the DCEU movie, it suffered from poor reviews when released in 2016.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the second movie that he directed for the DCEU. The movie met with an unfortunate fate as its Rotten Tomatoes score got a 29% critic approval rating and a 63% audience approval rating. While the movie was a sequel to Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, many critics described it as “painful to watch” and one that has a “nonsensical plot.”



Reacting to the negative response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the director responded during the Q&A at Zack Snyder’s Full Circle charity event. Zack Snyder shared that he believes audiences didn’t understand what he was trying to accomplish with his DCEU movies. “I think, and maybe I’m wrong. but I feel like a lot of people went into the movies for going like, ‘Oh, it’s the superhero romp, right? Let’s have fun with it,'” said the filmmaker.

While adding more about his multi-layered approach to storytelling, the Justice League director accepted that he gave a “hardcore deconstructivist, heavily layered, experiential modern mythological superhero movie” to which people need to pay attention. He later explained, “That was not cool [for them]. That’s not something anyone wanted to do. They were like, ‘What? No! That’s exhausting. How about, why do they fight at night?’ I hate that.”

However, Zack Snyder has no plans to return to DC Universe as he is at peace with his other projects. But his fans on social media are running SnyderVerse campaigns, hoping he would showcase his meticulous visual language, the superhero movies which never released.

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