Zack Snyder Throws Some Shade At DC's Former President Geoff Johns When Asked About 'Watchmen'
Zack Snyder Takes A Sly Dig At DC’s Former President Geoff Johns When Asked About ‘Watchmen’ (Photo Credit – Instagram; Wikimedia)

Justice League director Zack Snyder was also involved in another franchise under the DC universe other than Justice League, which was ‘Watchmen’. Even though it was not well accepted by the massive audience, there was a separate fanbase for the franchise. And in the comics, there was a big crossover between the two worlds, as written by Geoff Johns, which was named Doomsday Clock. It was basically made as the sequel to the original Watchmen.

However, when a fan at a recent event asked whether there was a possibility to adapt the crossover for Zack and the DCEU, the director responded, throwing shade at Geoff. Keep scrolling to watch it and know further.

As mentioned in The Direct, at the recent Snyderverse event, a fan asked Zack Snyder and the panelist whether there was ever in the cards to adapt the comic series Doomsday Clock. Answering the fan’s question of whether the crossover written by Geoff Johns would ever be made, here’s what the Justice League director said.

At hearing the name, two of the panellists walked off the stage while laughing, leaving Zack Snyder to answer the query. To which, the director didn’t leave a chance to throw some shade at Geoff Johns and said “probably not” ever in the cards. Watch it here:

Geoff Johns was the president and CCO of DC Entertainment from July 2016 to June 2018, which was partially the same time when the Doomsday Clock was published (November 2017 to December 2019).

Well, Johns and Snyder‘s controversial bond dates way back. A source in Rolling Stone claimed that Zack Snyder had blamed producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg for his removal from DCEU in 2016. There were also reports that suggested that Snyder had threatened Johns to drag his name from the dirt if his producer credit wasn’t taken out of his new Justice League cut, and the director got what he wanted as the situation adjusted as per his needs.

It’s quite a sad news to even think that the DC studios and Zack Snyder never thought of going with adapting the big crossover. What do you think? Let us know!

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