WWE: Is Wife Lana Paying A Price For Hubby Miro's Successful Innings With AEW?
WWE: Is Wife Lana Paying A Price For Hubby Miro’s Successful Innings With AEW?(Pic credit – Tobemiro/ Instagram )

Rusev aka Miro was amongst the impressive names in WWE talent list but back in April, he was shockingly released by the company. Currently, he is enjoying his run under the rival brand, AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

It could be fair to say that the Bulgarian Brute wasn’t provided with enough chances by Vince McMahon led company. And despite being in friction with the creative team, he managed to build his loyal fan base. The worst storyline came in when his wife CJ Perry aka Lana dumped him for Bobby Lashley. Well, this could be one of the reasons behind the giant man’s exit.



Now, seems like Miro’s success with AEW is taking a toll on his wife Lana’s career and it’s not surprising though. Yes, you read that right! She is paying the price for her hubby’s success and her current bookings by WWE strongly proves it. She has booked for passable matches. In fact, for three weeks in a row, she was put through a table by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

Miro had earlier expressed his concerns over WWE’s attitude towards Lana after his AEW debut and seems like it’s happening for real now.

Let’s wait and see, how Lana’s journey unfolds from here on!

It was in the last week when the Bulgarian Brute opened up about some storylines that were pitched to him by WWE while talking to AEW Unrestricted. Just like him, they were even more shocking for his fans. He discussed that Vince wanted to show him with erectile dysfunction and then as an s*x addict.

Miro said, “They wanted CJ (Lana) to say that I’m an s*x addict. But the original pitch was that I had erectile dysfunction. They really wanted to kill me completely. I don’t think in anybody’s eyes how the babyface has erectile dysfunction, and he’s somewhat of a good guy. You can’t prove that, and there’s nothing wrong with that….., but that was not the case here.”

He further added that even though his request to drop the storyline was ignored, luckily the idea was never used.

“There was no coming back from it. There’s absolutely no coming back from it. And I told him, ‘Vince, this is gonna bury me completely.’ You already had the man that took my wife……. I just told him no, it’s a bad idea if we do the s*x addict thing. So, he went for it right away. But thank god, thank god, I didn’t have erectile dysfunction as a character,” he added.

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