Wonder Woman 1984 To Get A Jenkins Cut Like Justice League: Snyder Cut?
Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984 To Have A Jenkins Cut Like Justice League: Snyder Cut? (Photo Credit – Wonder Woman 1984/Instagram)

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 released with paid previews in India on 24th December and a specific section of the audience is already talking about the movie’s ‘Jenkins cut’. Just like Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Snyder Cut, there are talks happening about the director’s version of this Gal Gadot starrer too.

Snyder Cut has been in talks for years now as the mammoth of a production house Warner Bros. had to agree with the fans’ demand of having a different version of the story. Recently, (David) Ayer’s cut of Suicide Squad was also in the news.

Director Zack Snyder recently revealed how Wonder Woman acts as the glue to hold the Justice League team together. While talking to Beyond The Trailer, he said, “I feel like Wonder Woman’s journey in our movie is really [that] she’s kind of the glue. A lot of the glue that kind of holds the team together. She is the dose of love that everyone kind of needs.”

He also adds, “She has a line where she’s talking to Aquaman, where he has a slight sort of malice towards his people, and he’s talking about it. And she says, of course, things like, ‘Hate is useless.’ And he’s like, ‘Maybe.’ I feel like that’s kind of her mantra throughout the film, is just saying things to Victor Stone (Cyborg) about [how] the world needs his gifts.”

Whereas Zack Snyder’s case with Justice League’s director cut was different as he had major chunks of his version already shot, there’s no such case with Wonder Woman 1984. Patty recently revealed that she was asked to change the ending of the original Wonder Woman, and that might be the reason behind all the talks of Jenkins’ Cut.

“They literally are a team of misfits, you know, if you think about each of them. All the way down to Bruce. Alfred says to him, ‘A man who broods in a cave for a living isn’t necessarily the right guy to be the leader of the pack.’ So it’s kind of fun. I think that that’s really great,” Zack Snyder said in the same interview on the team of Justice League.

What do you think about Jenkins Cut of Wonder Woman 1984? Makes sense or meh? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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