Will Smith As Superman Is Everything You Need To See Today!
You Just Won’t Be Able To Unsee Will Smith As Superman

While Will Smith has been a number one star for Hollywood for many years now, he has turned down some very interesting roles for very on-point reasons. He turned down an offer to play DC’s superhero Superman, and the rest is history. We saw Henry Cavill donning the suit and being damn good at the same.

But, the idea of having Will Smith as Superman isn’t easy to let-go. An artist recently imagined Will as Superman coming up with fan art for the same. Once you see this, there’s no way you can unsee it.



In his 2008 interview with MTV, Will Smith revealed the reason for not choosing to play Superman. He had said, “The last Superman I got offered, the script came, and I was like, ‘There is no way I’m playing Superman!’ Because I had already done Jim West (Wild Wild West) and you can’t be messing up white peoples’ heroes in Hollywood. You mess up white peoples’ heroes in Hollywood, you’ll never work in this town again!”

On choosing Hancock as his superhero, he said, “Willis dark but he’s fun. You can get away with all kinds of things if it’s funny. It’s like staying on that edge of comedy, which is what I think is the beauty of this movie. [Director] Pete Berg, he shoots it in a way that is really authentic-looking. He’s not setting up jokes with those camera shots, so the comedy is really coming out from a true, authentic character place, which is hard to do with these kinds of movies.”

Apart from Superman and many other films, Will Smith also denied doing Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained which also starred Leonardo DiCaprio. In his roundtable session with The Hollywood Reporter, he had said, “To me, it’s as perfect a story as you could ever want and even I wanted to make that movie so badly. Quentin and I couldn’t see [eye to eye]. It had to be a love story, not a vengeance story. I just couldn’t connect to violence being the answer. Love had to be the answer.”

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