Wild Mountain Thyme: Emily Blunt Talks About Irish Accents In The Film
Wild Mountain Thyme: Emily Blunt Opens Up About Irish Accents In The Film (Pic credit – Getty Images / Emily Blunt )

Emily Blunt, who appeared in films like Mary Poppins Returns, Jungle Cruise and two A Quiet Place films, will now appear in John Patrick Shanley’s directorial film Wild Mountain Thyme. Reportedly the film is set in Ireland, and the actress talks about her experience filming in the country.

Golden Globe Award-winning actress will be playing the role of a farmer named Rosemary Muldoon who tries to settle a land dispute involving her neighbour Anthony Reilly (Jamie Dornan). The actress talked about her role as an Irish woman in the film.



Emily Blunt during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter said that there multiple accents in Ireland just like in the UK. She also agreed that just because both countries exist in close proximity doesn’t mean the accent is any easier for the English actors.

The 37-year-old actress agreeing to the interviewer said, “Oh God, it’s completely different. But also, if you think about England, there’s 100 accents or more, I don’t know how many accents there are just in England, and it’s the same in Ireland.”

Emily Blunt also said, there nearly 50-100 different accents just in Ireland. She also revealed that she was required to learn a, ‘very specific midland, rural, quite thick accent,’ for Wild Mountain Thyme. She also spoke about her co-star Jamie Dornan, who is an Irish.

She said, “Even for Jamie, who’s from Belfast, he has a completely different accent from how he spoke. So accents are tricky. You just do your best and that’s all you can hope for.”

Interestingly, Emily’s reaction to Irish accent comes a month after the two stars faced backlash for their Irish accents in the movie. A Twitter user wrote, “Didn’t realise I needed Christopher Walken doing a really bad Irish accent to make my life complete,” while another user wrote, “I love Emily Blunt with all my heart but lord above that accent is atrocious.”

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