When Young Jennifer Lopez Cheekily Talked About Being Jennifer Affleck- Watch Video Inside
When Young Jennifer Lopez Wanted To Be Jennifer Affleck Desperately ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia )

Fairytale romances seemed imaginary to us till Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got back together and rekindled a romance that seemed dead. Lovingly called Bennifer by fans, the couple were engaged once in 2002. But things didn’t quite work out for them back then and they parted ways.

But two decades later, the story is quite different. It seems like age has brought wisdom and the lovebirds are now back together. A lot has changed between the two in these years, but there’s one thing that has remained the same and that’s Jennifer Lopez’s wish to be called Jennifer Affleck.

The popstar signed her recent newsletter as “Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck,” signaling to fans that she has indeed changed her surname to the one she had always wanted. After this cute moment, Bennifer fans dug out an Access Hollywood clip of Jennifer Lopez.

In the clip shared by Twitter user @wyntermitchell she’s being interviewed by Pat O’Brien. It should be noted that the actress was engaged to her Oscar-winning actor beau back then as well. During the interview O’Brien asks the singer, “I wanna know, a week after you’re married, what will your name be?”

The starlet replied, “Jennifer Lopez, but my name will be Jennifer Affleck, obviously.” She even stated that all her stationery will have the name “Jennifer Affleck.” And indeed going by the newsletter signature, it looks like her prediction came true. Jennifer Lopez really did manifest her Affleck surname, even though the universe took its own sweet time to make it happen.

In the newsletter Jennifer Lopez revealed to fans that the couple exchanged the rings that the two will wear for the rest of each other’s lives. She further stated that the wedding dress she wore to their wedding was featured in a movie she was a part of.

What do you think about Jennifer Lopez’s last name change to Affleck? After all, J Aff doesn’t have the same ring to it as J Lo.

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