Top Gun: Maverick Star Milles Teller Lost Amazing Spider-Man To Andrew Garfield
Milles Teller Once Shared How He Felt Losing The Amazing Spider-Man (Picture Credit: IMDB)

The Amazing Spider-Man movies created a long-lasting impact on the superhero fandom. As everyone loved the storyline and a rebooted version of Peter Parker, they also lauded Andrew Garfield’s performance in the movies. However, Miles Teller was also running for the role before the actor was finalised. As Marvel had other plans for Teller, he indeed the role in the Fantastic Four reboot, and the actor once shared how he was pretty much fine with it.

As Marvel is planning for the fourth Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland, there are no signs of Andrew Garfield getting his third TASM movie. However, the Fantastic Four is getting a reboot within the MCU, but this time we won’t be having Top Gun: Maverick star Milles Teller, who was seen in the previous F4 movies.

To everyone’s surprise, there was a time when Teller was in the running for the role in TASM movies. As the role went to Andrew Garfield, the actor once explained that he was glad that he did not get the role of Peter Parker. “I wasn’t starving to be a superhero,” said Teller as he elaborated how anyone in their early career would ask for a Marvel project.

He added, “I would not have wanted to be Spider-Man because I wouldn’t want the whole thing riding on my shoulders. I enjoyed the ensemble element of Fantastic Four. I wouldn’t wish what happened to us on another movie.” The Top Gun: Maverick actor later talked about how it was tough to carry such expectations as comic book movies meant a lot for the audiences.

However, as Milles Teller got the opportunity to portray Reed Richards in the 2015 film Fantastic Four, he was accompanied by Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and other renowned actors.

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