When Emily Blunt Took Tom Cruise To A S*x Club In London
Throwback To When Tom Cruise Was Taken To A S*x Club By Emily Blunt & Her Husband To Celebrate Matt Damon’s Birthday ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Tom Cruise might have a sketchy love life, but the Hollywood star has a lot of fans who adore him, including people within the fraternity, and when you are in the industry for so long, you end up making some friends who give some memorable moments. Emily Blunt once took the Top Gun star to s*x club, and the actor’s reaction to it was as eye-popping as itself. Scroll below to get all the deets.

Emily and Tom starred in the Edge of Tomorrow, which came out in 2014, and around that time, she shared this intriguing incident about the superstar. It was Matt Damon’s birthday when they decided to go on this wild night out, and Tom is known to be very prim and proper, but this one time, Emily her husband John Krasinski and co., managed to loosen him up.



In one of her appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Emily Blunt revealed how her husband, John wanted to do something wild on the occasion of Matt Damon’s birthday and managed to rope in Tom Cruise as well. Sharing the incident, Emily revealed, “It was the disgusting Matt Damon’s birthday party. What a loser. John, my husband, wanted to do something crazy for him. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this club called The Box? It’s kind of a burlesque sex club. There’s weird things that go on and make you cringe. Tom loves Matt, and Tom wanted to come.”

Emily Blunt continued how it was upon her to break the news of visiting an s*x club to Tom Cruise, and she did it via email. Emily recalled, “He thought it was going to be a nice, civilized dinner. So I emailed him and was like, ‘Tom, change of plan. We’re now gonna go to this club called The Box. Just wanted you to know you may not be comfortable with this. It’s kind of like a s*x club.’ He emailed back and went, ‘Jesus Christ! Well, just don’t let me walk out of there alone!’ which we didn’t.”

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