When Seth Rogen Said Megan Fox "Rejected Me On TV" After Going In For A Kiss
Seth Rogen Said Megan Fox “Rejected Me On TV”. (Photo Credit – Instagram/Koimoi)

During a 2009 appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Seth Rogen shared an embarrassing story about how he felt rejected by Megan Fox. The beautiful Transformers star was considered a sex symbol in Hollywood. Fox was arguably one of the most desired stars in the world.

It’s no surprise that when Seth Rogen saw a socially acceptable opportunity to kiss the actress, he took it but failed miserably in landing his shot. During a 2009 appearance at Jimmy Kimmell Live, Seth Rogen revealed that Megan Fox rejected him on the chat show in 2007 after he went in for a kiss.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel, the Knocked Up actor explained that he met Megan Fox backstage at the chat show in 2007 when she was promoting the first Transformers movie. He said, “The first time I Met Megan Fox in my entire life was right here on a Thai show, and it was actually before Transformers had come out.”

Rogen said that at the time, Megan Fox, dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt, came into his dressing room and explained that “she was, in fact, an actress and was nervous” about her chat show appearance.

Fox reportedly asked him to sit beside her on the sofa while she was interviewed for moral support. Rogen, who saw Thai as his only opportunity to kiss the beautiful star on the cheek while she is brought on to the set, agreed to her request. Rogen told Kimmel, “Often the male guest plants a small kiss on the female guest as they come out.”

However, things reportedly didn’t go as planned. Rogen added, “I’m thinking, ‘When in my life am I ever going to get to kiss this woman? Now’s my chance’. And so I tried to do it, and to my memory, she physically stopped me from doing it and basically rejected me on television.”

Kimmell dug up the tape of the 2007 appearance that showed Megan Fox entering the stage, planting a kiss on Jimmy Kimmell’s cheek, and walking by Seth Rogen as he leaned in for a kiss.

Rogen quipped the encounter was way more embarrassing than he remembered it.

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