Robert Pattinson Was High On Valium When He Auditioned For Twilight? Find Out!
When Robert Pattinson Revealed How He Was On Drug When He Audtioned For Twilight (Picture Credit: IMDB)

While there have been many opinions about the Twilight Saga, there is one thing for sure – the casting in the film was bang on! No one could have played Edward Cullen better than Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart was simply perfect as Bella. The actor got the nuances of the century-old vampire correctly and portrayed it amazingly on-screen. But did you know that Rob’s audition for the role could have gone seriously wrong as he was high on drugs? Scroll on to learn more.

Robert was high on a medicinal drug called valium that calmed nerves and anxiety. The actor described how it all happened in an interview once.

While Robert Pattinson comes across as a very confident man, he is actually scared of auditions. While talking to GQ once, he said, “I’d started to develop this absolute terror of auditions, which I’m sure a lot of actors have. And I kind of could be so enthusiastic about something, and then the day of the audition my confidence would just entirely collapse. The same thing happened the morning of the Twilight audition.”

To calm his nerves, he took Valium. Robert Pattinson said, “I’d never taken a Valium before. I just remember feeling so glorious in the back of the taxi with the window open and just being like, ‘Wow, this is what I’ve been missing.’” The Valium also helped him and the makers envision Edward Cullen in a rather calm and cold manner. The Batman actor added, “I think I had this sort of quite spacey, detached kind of thing in the audition, which must have kind of worked for the character. That’s Edward Cullen.”

Apart from the actor’s dangerous stint, Kristen Stewart also pushed the makers to cast Rob as Edward. She was adamant that she would only do the film if he was a part of it.

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