Robert Downey Jr Once Saved His Avenger Co-Stars Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth & Scarlett Johannson From Marvel’s Low Pay
When Robert Downey Threatened To Quit The MCU After Marvel Paid Him 50 Million(Photo Credit –Instagram/wikimedia)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Robert Downey Jr go hand in hand. Being Iron Man revived Downey Jr’s career and his portrayal of the character gave the MCU the push and likeability it desperately needed during its initial stages. Over time he became the face of the studio and Tony Stark’s death in the MCU had a profound impact on fans. But it wasn’t smooth sailing all the way. Marvel could have lost him and many other actors due to pay disparity. But RDJ, in true Iron Man style, saved the day.

MCU fans know that Robert Downey Jr got paid significantly higher compared to his other cast members. If you feel that it’s unfair, don’t worry, the Sherlock Holmes star thought so too. And he did everything possible to correct the issue.

Back in 2013, Deadline came out with an explosive story about the pay disparity at Marvel. The report stated that Robert Downey Jr made a hefty $50 million while his MCU castmates couldn’t even crack $200,000. But that’s not all.

Other reports claimed that MCU bosses had even threatened some actors with legal repercussions or an unceremonious MCU exit if they didn’t follow the rules set by them. Some of the actors suffering were Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans. Know that Marvel Studios would have gotten away with it too if not for Robert Downey Jr.

The star stood up for his co-stars with such conviction that Marvel was almost forced to increase the remuneration of his cast members. One reporter said:

“He’s the only guy with real power in this situation. and b*lls of steel, too. He’s already sent a message that he’s not going to work for a place where they treat his colleagues like sh*t.”

Another said: “I have four words for Marvel – ‘F–k you, call Robert.’”

His threats worked and the actors got huge paycheck bumps. Robert Downey Jr’s selfless activism for his co-stars who he calls friends is one of the reasons why he is so beloved among the fanbase. To this day regular MCU viewers still request the studio and Kevin Feige to bring him back. Even though casting Robert Downey Jr was initially a risky decision for the studio due to his troubled past, he surpassed everyone’s expectations and became a legend.

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