When Park Seo Joon Faces Massive Backlash Over Bizzare Remark - Here's What Happened
When Park Seo Joon Courted Controversy For His Old Beliefs; Actor Said His Ideal Type Is Stay-At-Home Wife ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

We all fell a little bit more in love with Park Seo Joon after watching him portray a budding entrepreneur in the revenge saga ‘Itaewon Class’. The critically acclaimed Korean drama served as a great inspiration to every youth, reminding their honesty and hard work will always pay off despite initial failures. Park Seo Joon as Park Sae Ro Yi was phenomenal, rising above his your average rom-com hero image and delivering a hard-hitting carer-best performance. However, during the promotion of the Netflix drama, the Korean heartthrob found himself embroiled in a controversy that we bet he did not see coming. Scroll through to know what transpired.

Park Seo Joon is one of the most talented Korean actors with a fan following spanning across the globe. After starring in a set of romantic comedies including Fight For My Way, She Was Pretty, and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? among others, he packed a solid punch in Iatewon Class.

During the promotion of Itaewon Class, Park’s throwback interview went viral in which he explained his ideal type of woman. For the unversed, having ‘an ideal type’ in Korea is a common term that means carrying an ideal image of the person whom they are willing to accept as their romantic partner. In the 2014 interview, Park said his future spouse should be a stay-at-home mother who can take good care of his children. The actor said his mother raised him with utmost love and care, and he aspires to have a wife who can do the same for his children, adding an unloved kid may grow up to be problematic.

“I heard a person’s childhood shapes his or her perspective on life. It seems that an unhappy childhood leads to a problematic adult life. They may not have good social skills or could end up being a felon to be extreme. I will be their good father figure, but the children need their mother. It could be wrong, but to me, this is an answer now,” Allkpop quoted the 32-year-old actor.

Talking about physical traits that he finds attractive in women, he said, “I find women who bring about my protective instinct attractive. I feel like if they are tall, they are going to be fine living alone. I like women who keep me worried. And skinny women tend to be like that.”

Korean netizens called Park Seo Joon out for his “old” and “patriarchal” beliefs while he continued to thrive in the mother world, embracing the new-gen culture. The rumour

Currently, Park Seo Joon is reported to be dating YouTuber Xoos whose real name is Kim Soo Yeon. When asked if the rumours were true, Park replied he feels “greatly burdened by opening up my private life”. He was promoting his film ‘Concrete Utopia’.

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