Madonna Once Drank Her Own Urine After A 3 Am Ice Bath In Order To Heal Her Post-Concert Bruises
Madonna Once Drank Her Own Urine After A 3 Am Ice Bath In Order To Heal Her Post-Concert Bruises (Picture Credit: Koimoi)

Madonna despite being in her 60’s has always been a wild child, and an incident dating back to 2019 proves the same. The award-winning crooner is always in the best of her shape, and her face glows. If you are wondering how then the secret was revealed by Madonna herself in an Instagram video years ago. You need to scroll down to know how the singer takes care of her health.

Madonna was recently in the news after she was hospitalized in July 2023 due to a severe bacterial infection. The crooner later took to social media to thank her loyal fans saying she has felt their love. She at the time added that she was recovering and was incredibly grateful for all the blessings in her life.

Circling back to the health regime of Madonna, the singer, in 2019 posted an Instagram clip that revealed that a 3am ice bath is how she takes care of her health. And, if this was not enough, she then drinks her own urine which was filled in a cup. She captioned the post as, “Therapy for Madame X. Shall we start an ice bath challenge? 41 degrees. Best treatment for injuries.” In the video, Madonna can be seen having some fun in her hotel bathroom with performer Ahlamalik Williams, before lowering herself into the ice-filled bath. The songstress in the clip is seen wearing a sports top and hot pants with rubber socks along. A round bruise on her right forearm was spotted in the clip along with another bruise on her leg which probably came from her performances during her tour.

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After her ice-cold bath, the Grammy-winning hitmaker then proceeds to drink a yellow liquid from a white teacup while speaking to the camera, “It’s really good to drink urine after you’ve got out of the frozen bath.”

Also we must inform you that this was not the first time when Madonna used urine as a medical treatment. She earlier admitted to urinating on her own feet to ward off athlete’s foot in the past.

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