When Mindy Kaling Shocked Everyone By Admitting To Forcibly Kissing A Co-Star Without Consent & Threatened Him
When Mindy Kaling Shocked Everyone By Admitting To Forcibly Kissing A Co-Star Without Consent & Threatened Him, “Tell Anyone & You’re Fired” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Vera Mindy Chokalingam, professionally known as Mindy Kaling, is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. She is best known for her work as Kelly Kapoor in the sitcom The Office. Many across the world loved her performance of the actress as the confidently “clingy” (and sometimes disturbing) persona in the comedy series.

Over time, though, some of the things that she would eventually go on to disclose – and flaunt – while appearing in the film started to tarnish the fandom for this budding comic. The Mindy Project marked the beginning of the pattern when she improvised kissing a guest star in a scene but then brushed it off when the show’s producers questioned her about it.



Back in 2016, Mindy Kaling admitted to the kissing scene when she appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. As reported by Fandom Wire, she said, “I improvised just kissing [Lee Pace] in the scene, which was not in the script. He was just looming above me, and he asked me a question, I was not listening to him at all because who cares what he was saying, and I was just like ‘mhmm, mhmm,’ [and kissed him]. And well, he reacted [shocked] and I pretended it didn’t happen, and then I walked backstage [where] we have two writer-producers.”

Kaling then added, “And they’re like, “Hey man, what are you doing?! You could be sued for that!” And I got very scared and I said, “Tell anyone, and you’re fired.” I think he might have been like did-it-happen-or-did-it-not so I just didn’t need our side to confirm it or anything.”

If this wasn’t enough, Mindy also made similar claims on the show back in 2012 as well. She revealed how she likes to break the rules set by intimacy coordinators on screen. She joked about her role as the creator and producer of The Mindy Project saying, “Yeah, and when I [kiss with tongue] on the show now, it’s like the worse kind of s*xual harassment because I’m like the boss. And they’re scared to complain because I’ll fire them.”

People on Reddit had commented on Kaling’s portrayal of roles that are largely obsessed with white men – “She constantly uses the same tired tropes in her work. The self-hating Indian girl is obsessed with the slightly abusive white guy. It’s giving colonizer raceplay at this point.”

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