When Mila Kunis Dozed Off During Her Intimate Scene With Justin Timberlake While Filming Friends With Benefits
When Mila Kunis Dozed Off During Her Intimate Scene With Justin Timberlake While Filming Friends With Benefits( Photo Credit – Prime Video )

American singer, Grammy winner, and NSYNC alum Justin Timberlake is a renowned personality in the music industry who has also made notable movies like The Social Network, Friends With Benefits, and more. Justin’s movie Friends With Benefits featured Mila Kinis opposite him, and the duo had to do a lot of intimate scenes, and once, the actress dozed off in one of those.

Recently, Justin landed in trouble after he got pulled over by a police officer for alleged drink and driving. He has been arrested in Long Island and has been charged with driving while intoxicated. The NSYNC alum reportedly told the police that he only had one martini and followed his friends home. He was held by the police under arrest overnight. The news of his arrest spread like wildfire on social media, and his fans went gaga for apparent reasons.

The Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake starrer Friends With Benefits was released in 2011. The film’s story revolved around Dylan and Jamie, who met each other in NYC and believed that including s*x in their friendship would have no impact or lead to complications. But things take a different turn soon as they develop deep feelings for one another.

The duo had to shoot several intimate scenes for the film, and as per NWI.com’s report, Mila Kunis fell asleep in the middle of an s*x scene. She said, “What happened, and what started this wonderful rumor, was we were at the end of like a 17-hour or 20-hour workday. It was a scene where Justin had to kiss my shoulder or maybe my back. And my face was turned away from the camera.” Justin Timberlake added, “We were doing inserts, little cut-in shots, at the end of the day.”

Mila Kunis chimed in, “You literally only see my shoulder and maybe my hair.” The camera was on Justin and Mila’s back. She continued, “But Justin had taken a nap during the day because he knew it was going to be a long one at lunchtime. And I hadn’t. I didn’t.” Timberlake explained, “You need your naps.”

The Black Swan actress then said, “So when I realized that I wasn’t going to be seen on camera, I very politely asked if it would be OK if I closed my eyes for a minute.” She further added, “I think it’s important to tell your co-star when you’re about to take a nap in the middle of a scene. And being the gentleman and wonderful co-star that he is, he went, ‘Oh, sure.'”

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