Matthew McConaughey’s “Stock Went Down” After He Lost The Role In Titanic
Matthew McConaughey Lost The Role To Leonardo DiCaprio & His Stock Went Down (Photo Credit – Facebook; Movie Still)

James Cameron’s romantic movie, Titanic, has had numerous actors auditioning for the role, ultimately leading to Leonardo DiCaprio grabbing the opportunity. Among many actors, Matthew McConaughey was one of the front runners to play Jack Dawson. He auditioned with Kate Winslet and once shared how his “stock went down” upon not getting the role.

As the actor thought he was going to be cast and secured the role, Leonardo crashed his dreams. Losing the role in Titanic was a shock for the Oscar-winner actor as he assumed he did a good enough job to secure the part at the time. Read on to find more as McConaughey narrates his feelings at the time.

During a conversation with The Scotsman, Matthew McConaughey said, “My stock went down,” as he shrugged upon losing the role. Notable, he was similar to Leonardo as they were on the rise of their careers in the 90s. Matthew broke out with his first major hit, Daze And Confused, and continued adding to his film resume with roles in A Time to Kill and Amistad. However, Titanic was the kind of acting work that the actor was truly interested in at that time.

“I was looking to shake things up. I was looking for self-determined, singularly willed, fringe characters that didn’t need to pander to convention or didn’t need to pander to even a plot in some ways. And there’s a singular mind and a goal that each one of the characters I’ve been playing lately has,” said the Interstellar actor.

During the pre-production of the movie, it was rumoured that the actor had turned down the role which he later cleared as untrue. Also, Matthew McConaughey is five years of Leonardo DiCaprio’s senior and had already been in a number of accomplished films, whereas DiCaprio’s career was more extensive at the time.

However, don’t you think it would be a completely different vibe than the younger Leonardo DiCaprio, who was only 22 years old, versus McConaughey’s 27 years?

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