Titanic Could've Had Matthew McConaughey Instead Of Leonardo DiCaprio In Lead If He Wasn't Rejected After Audition
Not Leonardo DiCaprio But Matthew McConaughey First Auditioned With Kate Winslet For Titanic (Photo Credit – Titanic/Instagram/Matthew McConaughey/Getty)

There will hardly be anyone who would not have seen the iconic Hollywood movie Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet starrer was one of the most nostalgic movies for 90’s kids. We cannot imagine anyone, but these two actors as Rose and Jack. But, did you know that Kate auditioned with another A-lister actor for this film?

Yes! You heard it right. Kate and Leonardo are considered perfection as lovers Rose and Jack, and as it turns out, Winslet auditioned with another A-list star for this film. Continue reading further to know who it was. We bet you will be equally shocked like we were, to learn the name.



It’s hard to think that anyone but Leonardo DiCaprio would be Jack. He became famous after this role, although his star was rising after films like Romeo + Juliet and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. While Leo was wonderful as Jack, another A-list star could have played this part opposite Kate Winslet and that was Matthew McConaughey, according to Today.com.

Matthew McConaughey said, “I went and auditioned. I wanted that. I auditioned with Kate Winslet. Had a good audition. Walked away from there pretty confident that I had it. I didn’t get it. I never got offered that.” He has a sense of humour about not getting the part: he explained. “As I’ve said before, not even half-jokingly if it’s true, if that was an offer and it didn’t come to me, I’ve got to go back and go, ‘I’ve got to meet in an alley with that agent.'”

James Cameron shared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon women loved Leonardo DiCaprio, and that was why he cast him as Jack. According to Cinemablend, Cameron explained, “Matthew read for the part and then we met Leo. Leo came in for an interview, and I had this weird thing: I looked around the room and every woman in the building was in the meeting… the accountant was there, the female security guard, so I thought maybe I better cast this guy.”

Well, we don’t know what to say after this. We are very confused hence we leave it up to you to decide if Matthew McConaughey would have been a better Jack than Leonardo?

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