Leonardo DiCaprio’s African Accent In ‘Blood Diamond’ Was Once Mocked By Trevor Noah
Leonardo DiCaprio’s African Accent In ‘Blood Diamond’ Was Once Mocked By Trevor Noah (Photo Credit: Instagram; IMDb)

Leonardo DiCaprio is among the A-list stars in all of Hollywood. Over the years, the actor has proved his acting mettle and received a lot of accolades for the same. However, his role in the 2006 film Blood Diamond was not appreciated by everyone. Comedian and host Trevor Noah even slammed his African accent, saying that he sounded like a drunk Australian.

Leo began his acting journey at an early age and was shot to fame when he played the role of Jack opposite Kate Winslet’s Rose in James Cameron’s classic Titanic.

In 2006, the actor starred in the Edward Zwick directorial Blood Diamond, which revolved around the brutal reality of the gold mines in Sierra Leone. In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Danny Archer and had to build a heavy African accent. While the movie brought him an Oscar nomination, it also invited some criticism.

During an episode of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah criticised Leo’s heavy African accent and mocked it, comparing it to that of a “drunk Australian.” Noah mentioned how Tiffany and Co announced they would reveal the source of their diamond and added, “Diamonds just get the attention because everyone saw Blood Diamond, which exposed the corrupt exploitation of native labourers and Leonardo DiCaprio’s horrible South African accent,”

Trevor Noah added, “Maybe you guys won’t remember that, but we Africans will never forget. He was like, ‘We gotta go back to those bloody get the diamonds. Get the bloody diamonds.’ What are you a drunk Australian?” He continued, “They should make a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Forest Whitaker’s character from Black Panther, and they could do their bad accents together.”

The movie was also criticised for being too Hollywood, as it was based on a serious and sensitive topic.

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