Lady Gaga Smoked Weed While Performing In Amsterdam
Lady Gaga Confessed To Her Fans That She Smoked Marijuana On Stage (Photo Credit: Instagram/Lady Gaga & Barack Obama)

Lady Gaga is bold and ferocious, and we all have seen its proof many times. Everything about the singer, be it her songs or fashion makes us go gaga over her. She’s previously admitted to being ‘a little bit part of the green club’, and the singer revealed all to her fans – many of them young – as she smoked marijuana on stage.

Yes! You heard it right. Gaga has actually smoked weed on stage while performing in Amsterdam. We know you want to hear everything about this incident so keep reading further.

In a video captured at her performance in Amsterdam earlier this week, Lady Gaga was seen mid-show lighting a big joint and inhaling on it during a break in the show. Praising the ‘wondrous’ drug, the 26-year-old singer told fans she had cut down on drinking alcohol because she prefers smoking the substance.

Lady Gaga declared to the audience that she was in the “appropriate place” to discuss her passion for the drug. The Born This Way hitmaker revealed cannabis has helped her approach her music from a ‘spiritual’ perspective.

Lady Gaga was quoted as telling The Sun newspaper, “I want you to know it has totally changed my life and I’ve really cut down on drinking. It has been a totally spiritual experience for me with my music. It’s like saying everybody needs to take a breath and it’s going to be OK.”

Paying tribute to the ‘medical wonders’ of marijuana, Mother Monster said she thought Amsterdam was the appropriate place to tell her Little Monsters about her feelings for the drug. Of course, in the Netherlands smoking, the substance has been essentially decriminalised with the possession and purchase of cannabis tolerated in small amounts.

While some fans appreciated Lady Gaga’s honesty, many were left unimpressed by her antics. One fan group tweeted, “Stop Smoking Marijuana Gaga. No Drugs Just Art. @ladygaga Stop pleaser!!” Another Twitter user posted a link adding, “What a role model to kids ey?”

John Jolly, Chief Executive of the Blenheim CDP who offer help for young people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction issues, said that Gaga’s smoking on stage is likely to exacerbate an already growing problem.

Lady Gaga also joked during the Amsterdam performance that she was going to talk to US President Barack Obama in a bid to make marijuana legal in America.

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