Tom & Jerry Is Releasing In India On Feb 19
Tom & Jerry Is Releasing On Big Screens This Friday & It Looks Like Our Childhood Is Coming Back(Pic Credit: IMDb)

If we talk about the cartoon characters who deserve credit for giving us the best childhood memories, Tom & Jerry shine on the top spot. We’ve grown up watching them running for each other’s blood and now is the time to relive all of it again. And that too on the big screen.

Warner Bros’ Tom & Jerry is all set to hit cinemas in the US on Feb 26. It will be a wide release in the country. And 1 week before that i.e. Feb 19, the animated comedy film will release in India.

Tom & Jerry hasn’t been promoted enough in India. But purely on the basis of its brand name, the film has generated a fair amount of buzz around itself. The film’s target audience is kids who are busy with exams these days. Hence there won’t be huge numbers coming for the film. But as the film is hardly a couple of days away from release, it’s important to ask you if you are going to watch the film in cinemas or not.

The star cast and voiceover artists of Tom & Jerry include names like William Hanna (archival audio recordings), Frank Welker, Chloë Grace, Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost, Ken Jeong, Rob Delaney & Ken Jeong.

In a recent interview, Ken Jeong said that working in Tom & Jerry was fun because he is a fan of Michael Pena and Chloe Grace Moretz, who topline the cast of the live action-CGI animation comedy.

In the film, Jeong will be seen in the role of a Chef Jackie. “He is a stressed-out person with anger issues, catering the biggest wedding of his career– of his life — and everything is riding on this one day,” he said, about his character.

Pena essays a hotel owner named Terence, who wants good publicity, while Moretz will be seen as event planner Kayla in the film.

The actor’s first day of filming involved a confrontation between his character, Kayla and Terence.

“It was so much fun because I am a fan of both Chloe and Michael. And I had worked with (the film’s director) Tim Story before, so we’re old friends,” he said.

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